Phonak Icom Alternatives?

Simply stated, is there an alternative to the Icom to use as a go between between a Phonak Nadia and a blue tooth equipped cell phone?

Does anyone know the suggested retail price on the Icom?

When I trialed the Phonak Naida, the audi told me the iCom would cost $250.00. That’s the only bit of info I have for you though, sorry :frowning:

Several Bluetooth manufactures have Bluetooth devices that will accept a neckloop using the tcoil function of the Nadia. I’ll keep my Icom though.

Though the cost was more, I prefer the iCom over the t-coil neckloops. T-coil is nice to have, but you have to have things “lined up” just right or you lose the signal (like if you turn or tilt your head) . I’ll keep my t-coil neckloop(though I don’t have a BT one)…just in case.

I have a Clear Sounds neck loop and a AT&T bluetooth phone they work well togather. I can answer my land line or the cell phone with the neck loop.If you have voice calling on your cell phone you can make calls with the neck loop.

A few days ago I ordered from >M2Cshop< for $50 incl. postage, what I consider to be the ONLY iCom ALTERNATIVE, this set of “Geemarc ClearSound CLHOOK6 Stereo Inductive Silhouette Dual Earhooks”. In addition, a female 2.5mm to male 3.5mm adapter is required, if you wish to use it as a TV or iPod headset / earbuds substitute.

It won’t replace my iCom which I love and hate (see my post here: Are the iCom, TEK, and Streamer devices just big rip-offs?).

That’s OK if you have t-coils in your HA’s. I don’t, so I have to use the iCom.