Phonak help

Hi again,

Got the Phonak CIC Savia Art. So far much better than the Seimens. I work in a busy and loud trauma center with an ever changing environment. This has to be a challenge to the auto-pilot

My primary setting is “calm” secondary setting is “speech in noise” and 3rd is “comfort in noise”. When things are calm, all is good but when is it in the trauma center? When I type it sounds like gunfire and the program seems to not identify this. Our documentation program requires a lot of typing. Charts banging, doors closing and babies crying are 10 times more annoying than before. It’s like all annoying sounds ara attached to a bullhorn.

I can be carrying on a converstaion and if things heat up, it will change to another program and will have more problems understanding folks unless I manually increase the volume on my watch.

Creaks in doors and toilet flushes blow the top of my head off.

I know it is supposed to ‘learn’ my preferences but how long does it take.

I was looking over my audiologists shoulder watching her adjust sensitivity setting and one other setting. She seemed frustrated and would not answer my questions regarding the functions of each adjustment

Mind you, this is my audiologists FIRST experience with Phonaks.

Actually things seem to function best when I manually place the instruments on “speech in noise” and turn the volume to maximum. This allows me to hear what I need to hear and still decrease the background noise to a tolerable level. I told her this and she said that the program should automatically adjust and I should not have to do this.

So many questions here sorry… Should I have speech in noise as my primary program as to mellow the harsh sounds?

This is her first time using the program. Is there something she is missing?

Phonak folks told her that she can actually create another program for my custom and harsh environment.

Whould I fing an audiologist with more expreience with phonaks?

Thank you again.

I had the same problem of automatic program switching with a pair of Unitron Moxi hearing aids that I recently received. The audiologist can change a setting to decrease the sensitivity of program changes in noisy environments but it didn’t really help me all that much. Perhaps the audiologist can disable automatic program changes so that you can control the different programs with the watch remote. For me, I don’t like the idea of the hearing aid choosing the best program for me and will likely switch to a hearing aid that allows me to manually choose the programs. Good luck!

You can have the audi set the startup in hearing in noise, which defaults to directional microphones and a little more agressive noise reduction.

You can also try having the audi go into the sound type tuning screen and try out a few of those settings, which can be tuned to take down some of the harshness and sharpness slightly.

If they have speech mapping or other type of real ear system to measure what is going on inside the ear with the hearing aids, they may be better able to identify any peaks in the response that can be rounded out.


I had the same problem with my aids in a noisy situations, dropped items,
fork lifts and other general loud noise.

My audi setup up a program to “dumb down” my aids so they wouldn’t be over
whelmed by the extra noise. It worked great and still does. I just witch into this mode when the need arises.

I also suggest you ask your audi do do the same.

Tom h