Phonak Hearing Aid making a popping / crackling sound


One of my Phonak hearing aid is making a popping sound like 4 or 5 times a day.

I’ve changed my filters, ear hooks, tubing and I’ve had my fitting formula changed within the software to see if the popping sound would go away but it’s still there.

Anyone know what it could be?


Possibly battery contact not snug enough?


That’s what I’m thinking as I changed the brand of battery and it does seem better but it’s still making the sound, just not as often.


Admittedly this is a risky / precision potential fix - but you might see if there is a metal battery contact inside the battery door that could be “encouraged” to fit a little more tightly against the battery.


If it was a sound system, I’d suspect wiring or a speaker.


Another thought is the speaker / receiver as the same HA was fixed a few months ago and the receiver and microphones were replaced. It’s still under warranty so I’m thinking about sending it back to the repair lab.


Mine was having an intermittent popping sound and it turned out to be a lot of wax and moisture had gotten into the HA case.


I too use a Dry n Store, but was told once the wax gets into the HA, the moisture will be there too.