Phonak hearing aid help

Hi, I have just been through the long process of trialling new hearing aids. I have a severe hearing loss and currently wear Phonax Power Maxx which are nearly 7 years old and find that l’m overdue for newer aids. I have attached my current audiogram.
I have tried Widex Mind, Widex Passion as well as Phonak Micropower V and Audeo Yes V. I found the Widex aids to be brilliant at picking up environmental sounds but speech clarity was poor and l really struggled with them, could barely understand what anyone was saying. l asked my audi to try phonak aids to see if there was any difference which was a big ask as my audi only deals with Widex and Siemens aids. I tried the micropower v’s and what a difference these made, l could understand speech and music so much more than with my current aids. They gave a beautiful rich sound and clarity l haven’t experienced before. The only problem l found that the sound was dropping out all the time which was due to the comfort in noise setting. As these aids are older technology l asked to try the audeo yes as l was keen to see if soundrecover would make a difference and l liked the fact they have bluetooth. I was however disappointed with these, the sound was really flat, kind of two dimensional if thats the best way to describe it, music sounded worse and l had trouble understanding people right next to me, yet could hear people talking in the house next door. Soundrecover didn’t make a huge difference as far as l could tell, other than being able to hear the ‘s’ sound a bit more clearly.
My audi is not keen for me to get the micropowers or the audeo yes as she thinks there is not enough power in case my hearing drops, she is recommending l go for the Exelia arts but at nearly $9,000 per aid l simply cannot afford them. I’m really keen on cosmetics as well as function and really like the thin tubes the micropowers offer. These aids are going to cost me $6000 for one aid, after the governement pays for the other one. I don’t get the pricing as this is the same price l was quoted two years ago and they are old technology now. Shouldn’t the prices come down? From reading posts on here l believe you can get a pair of these in the US for around $4500? Why are hearing aids so expensive here in Australia? I’m actually wondering whether it might be cheaper to buy aids from overseas, if it can be done.

I found that the micropwers gave the best sound by far but l’m reluctant to pay a lot of money for old technology, but l would get the audeo yes if l knew l could get them programmed to give the sound the micropowers gave. Its a big decision for me as it is a lot of money, would l be right in getting micropowers, given my hearing loss? And should l be questioning the price tag?

If anyone could help me in making my decision easier that would be greatly appreciated.

The prices you are being quoted are absolutely ridiculous. It might be as much as $9000 (high end of the spectrum) per pair, definately not each. You probably need to ring around Melbourne and ask for quotes, because those prices you mention are unheard of. The Audeo Yes will definately be programmable to sound the same as the micropowers, you do however need an aud familiar with the technology. As fot the government system (OHS) they do pay for one aid and you have to pay the other. They pay a subsidy for both your aids worth about $1350 to the audiologist. The Aud then subtracts this from the private price which gives you your top-up amount. A pair of Excelia Arts should top up for about $8000-$9000 per pair at regular prices. They can however be had for as little as AU$6200 per pair without the government subsidy. Audeo YES V could cost as little as AU$5200 a pair (no government subsidy)

Thanks Hearnow. I have just spent the day ringing around my local area and everyone is charging pretty much the same prices as I’ve been quoted. The best top-up prices l’ve been quoted was $5700 for a pair of either Micropwers or Audeo Yes and $7,531 for Excelia Arts. Not sure why the Micropowers are the same price as the Yes, shouldn’t they be cheaper as they are old technology?

I’m a bit confused however by the prices you quoted, it appears that aids can be cheaper without the government subsidy? Still not really sure how all this government subsidy works, it doesn’t appear to give much of a discount on top-up aids.

I have Phonak Exelia’s. I made “speech in calm” a manual program and I use that mostly. I think the Micropower V has manual programs. Maybe just turn the volume down a little when you’re around the monkeys. I work in a laboratory environment that can get noisy and I still hear well. Make “speech in noise” a manual program also. That way if the noise does get bothersome, you can just switch it over.