Phonak H2O vs Siemens Aquarius

These wouldn’t need to be surbmerged for more than 10 seconds or so at maybe a foot or two. The problem with the Aquarius is definitely the lack of power. I’ve for profound hearing loss (94 dba) so that may complicate things.

I just got back from the audiologist and purchased the Phonak H2Os. While I am not planning on swimming or sailing with them, I suspect I will be out on a golf course when it rains and will get wet. The brochure says to “rinse them off with fresh water” after they are exposed to water.

It will take two weeks to get in. I can’t wait!

After reading this thread, I am interested in knowing what the Naida rate is as to water resistant. Does anyone know, I’ve had a look but can’t find anything.

Can someone give me a link to Phonak H2O that is suitable for profound? Again I cant find anything for profound, just mild, mod.


With your numbers, the Naida is still the best answer: speaking to Phonak the other day, most of the Naida ‘water resistance’ features accounted for the development of the H2O - silicone seals, hermetically sealed circuit, mic/speaker screens etc.

I’m still not 100% on the H2O as the first pair I fitted died after several immersions - less than a metre under water (on the head of a Kayaker in a pool). Static baropressure might have been a bit higher than 1 metre as his head hit the water, but not a lot.

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WaterResistant solutions, just below where they tell you not to buy their product from internet providers.

I find Phonak’s claims confusing. They keep on and on using the words “water resistant” which makes me think they have some fear or other of going all out and saying “waterproof” which the Siemens product does. The Phonak model also seems to be lacking a new Secure n Stay for the new body shape so that they don’t simply fall off when you go swimming, which is something that Siemens do supply with the Aquaris. Siemens also mention a special swimming earmould, which Phonak do not, which again makes me think that swimming was not uppermost in their minds. A flick through their brochures gives you paddling, splashing in puddles, frolicking in the rain. The Aquaris brochure gives you full on swimming and showering, it’s far more in your face. Although Phonak do say yes you can swim in them, I would be concerned that they would not honour any warranty repair based on swimming in them because the brochure information does not encourage you to do so. And with the lack of a clip or snuggie of any kind I’d be worried about them dropping off and falling into deep water which they are not rated for. Until I see more stories of people swimming in them regularly without any issues or stories of people making successful warranty claims after swimming then I don’t think I’m ready to sign on to Phonak’s offering. A pain, as I hated Siemens’ processing.

Um Bongo,

I have Nadias now and am in my trial period. Would the Aquarius be sufficient with my numbers?

I’d stick with what you have TBH.I’m not sure why you are on the Naida rather than the H2O, but perhaps it’s to give more battery life.

The Aquaris has a couple of noted issues: Firstly the snapping of the battery drawer and secondly having a return to base annual service - I think that’s really poor.

I should point out that the failed Ambra H2O (above) were on a slim tube fitting to a double dome. The replacement pair have been fine. I was informed by the rep that their water resistance claims are based on a sealing full mould in the ear - not the slim-tube version.

So i just got the aquaris about 2 months ago, what should i look for for problems or such?

Do you know of any aps for iphone to make it a remote control?

Anything you can attach to aid to help find them if lost?


he means to keep the warranty in place you need to send them in and have the seals replaced once a year.