Phonak FM mlxi or MicroMLxS question

I think I need to acquire the FM modular plug in receiver for my ICom for occasional workplace meetings in a lecture forum. I don 't think I want to use the shoe type FM system that attachés to my aids. This particular lecture forum type event is only on occasion and I can plug the transmitter into the forum’s PA system.

Any thoughts or other options for me?


yes you can ,it looks cosmetic and functions very well , i exactly dont know the cost and reviews but in hearing aid industry this is one of the best in transmission.

Curious what you ended up doing. I have the MLxi with the Smartlink+ and got the boot on my HA because I didn’t want to have to have the iCom AND the FM transmitter with me all the time. Now I use one or the other. I don’t mind having the MLxi constantly on my HA. Although lately I’ve been getting a lot of intermittent beeping from it as if it keeps rebooting (???..another topic) I use the Smartlink for work related meetings etc.