Phonak Exelia Duophone Feature

Hi all!

I’m new here. I have had binaural Phonak Exelia for approximately three weeks. No problems. Pleased. I’m so happy that I don’t have to ask others to repeat themselves or to tell me what was said on TV or in a movie! Better yet, in a group, the noise doesn’t interfere with my understanding of a conversation!

Anyway, I can’t get the Duophone feature (telephone sound through both HA’s) to work and my audio isn’t too helpful with this.

Anybody have knowledge or experience?

The online documentation from Phonak is old and also not helpful with this feature.


It needs to be configured by your audiologist. If ti is associated with the autophone, then you need a hearing aid compatible phone for it to work well enough to worry about as the feature is terrible IMHO using acoustic phone, rather than telecoil. You could also try attaching the supplied magnets with the double sided tape for the autophone to activate. If it is not set ins software though, then it won’t work. Push your Audi to contact his/her local Phonak rep to help you out if they don’t know. It sounds like you ae getting pretty poor service by the way you describe it. Shop with your feet!

Or do it manually by selecting Zoom Control from your remote … if you have a remote and if Zoom control is enabled, of course.

Really, your audi should be sorting all this out for you.

Thanks for the fast reply! I should have indicated that I saw my audiologist and she made sure the software was correctly set. She also gave me magnets. I’ve followed her directions and I’ve followed the directions supplied with the magnets. Still not working. So, I guess another visit. It isn’t a terrible thing and I’m happy w/the HA’s. Yet, I paid for the feature and I want it to work.

Thanks for the fast reply, too! Yes, I have MyPilot and both HA’s are Zoom enabled. Never thought of that.