Phonak Exelia Art M Update

Thought I would give a little update about my 8 month hearing aid roller coaster ride.

In the past 8 months as a member of this forum I have learned how to hear again. With the help of a few key members I now hear pretty darn good. Thanks

Like many of you I am not rich and do not have health insurance that covers hearing aids. With a couple of bad experiences with audiologist I decided to do the self program route. It has been very rewarding but lots of work. After much reading here I decided to go with Phonak hearing aids, they have a pretty good overall reputation.

My first set of aids were the Savia 111’s. These are great aids. From there I tried the Nadia V SP aids using slim tubes. These aids have Sound Recover and are water resistant, excellent features. Then the Exelia Micro aids. These are some fine aids without Sound Recover and only one button for changing programs, no volume control buttons. My last set just received yesterday are the Exelia Art M aids. These aids are identical to the Savia 111 as far as size and buttons. They have both volume and program buttons along with Sound Recover, very nice. The Exelia Micro aids also ride higher on the ear where as the Savia, Nadia and Exelia M aids ride a little lower behind the ear. I like the lower ride better, the higher ride of the micro aids pushed the tops of my ears out causing some discomfort.

As you can see I am fortunate to have tried a number of different aids. This experience has enabled me to learn what I like and do no like. My number one goal was to hear better, nothing else.

Take it easy.


I’m glad you’re hearing better! And I admire your self-reliance and perseverance in learning to program your hearing aids. I thought I “should” do it that way, but lack the time, background, and possibly fortitude.

How did you manage to procure so many different types to try out? Online vendor with trial period, or bought them and re-sold them after you evaluated them?

I’m trialing a Bernafon Verite from Costco right now. My wife is so pleased with the change that she is saying that every Spring I need to go out and try whatever new hearing aid technology is out, and keep updating - regardless of cost. As the second-cheapest man in the world, I’m not quite willing to go that far - but I am willing to do whatever it takes to hear her better.

If you feel like posting an outline of how one would go about learning to self program, I’m sure many people would be pleased to read it. If I had a clue how to start I might be more inclined to take up the challenge.

Congratulations on hearing better!


Thanks guys for sharing this with us. It will be interesting to read an update from you.

Thanks for the replies. I read about members who try aids and are not happy and others who are. My hearing aid experience has been positive and just wanted to write down what worked for me.

From what I have read it appears that many people who hold off on getting hearing aids for many years have a tuff time adjusting to aids. This includes hearing new sounds and adjusting to them as well as wearing aids and getting them to fit properly. With me it was a 2 or 3 month ordeal to get acclimated.

Part of the hearing aid experience includes the extras like remotes and bluetooth. Not everyone wants or needs them. I found I would rather have a set of aids that function properly in automatic, I do not want to carry a remote and have to make manual program changes all the time. I also learned if I need to make a volume change I want to do it on the aids, not a remote. As far as bluetooth, I do like that. The bluetooth is fantastic with a phone. I am still working on a good TV solution.

BoCat’s question about so many aids, they are all used. I am also very happy about your Verite hearing aids experience. Hearing new things is such a thrill. Having the wife happy is a good thing!

Again, thanks to this forum and it’s members for all the help.

And now which aid do you like the best?

How has your speech discrimination improved?