Phonak Exalia vs Oticon Epoq

I just got back from my audiologist who works with the Hearing Planet operation. After my test, the recommendation was for Phonak Exalia which can also support Blue tooth with something like the Oticon Streamer plus another bit that looks a lot like a small remote control unit.

My old audiologist as well as this new one AND the hearing planet rep all told me the same story wrt Oticon and that was that the return rates on the Oticon were the highest of all products that they handle and they generally do not like Oticon as a result of this. I figure I’ll get a less biased view here.

My current set of aids are Seimens Prisms and I have a real dislike for them at this point. They are ITE and I think I’ll be much happier with BTE. This new audiologist was able to explain why the ITE is a problem.

I have very good hearing at the low frequencies up to about 2KHZ. At 2KHZ, its like someone shot me in the head. As a result, I’m really sensitive to having the low frequency sounds blocked up inside my ear. That makes really good sense to me.

Anyway… Phonak vs Oticon. Opinions wanted. I really like the Phonak 2 year warranty too…


I have been a long time Phonak user. I really like the company and the quality of their products. I know they put a lot of money into RD which really helps them out in the end. I have never had a problem with them as a company. Having said that, I have had many tech problems with my current aids (Naidas) though this is the first time I have had such problems with Phonak. They have also been wonderful about dealing with such problems, replacing the aid without any sort of hassle.