Phonak Eleva w/ SmartLink FM Evaluation, and questions

Well I hope these are my last aids before a CI. I really can’t get any more power (from what I have seen). Good news is so far they are working great.

My loss: Severe-to-profound progressive, mostly ski-slope
8,000- 110db
4,000- 90db
2,000- 95db
750 - 80 to 90db
500-65 to 75 db

Speech discrimination, unaided: 36 percent right, 52 percent left.
Previous aids: Phonak Sonoforte P3 with remote for noise reduction.

Positives: First, the Eleva 411s with Smartlink FM and one plug-in ML9s FM receiver are working outstanding for speech discrimination in general and for discrimination in noise. Last night walked with a friend down a noisy street and discrimination rose to about 80-90 percent even with traffic noise. Took the SmartLink FM to a fairly noisy bar–laid the SmartLink down on a table and played with a few settings and turned my head and walked away; heard about 60 percent of what he was reading from a book. When facing him and closer, picked up nearly all of the conversation. Next I will be trying these out with a hidden lapel mic connected to the Smartlink FM in a very noisy music venue and will post results.

Negatives: The plug-in FM on the Eleva makes for a bulky aid. Telecoil works for cellphone though all the calls are kind of staticy. I think I am picking up the true quality of cell calls maybe :slight_smile:

Questions: Can anyone advise if I might be a tad better off with a MicroPower IX?

The Eleva has about 10db more gain versus the MicroPower and these are supposed to be my last aids I buy.
I would have to use a MyLink FM receiver w/ MicroPower. MyLink goes to both aids through telecoil.About $500 cheaper…though not sure what the tradeoff or bonus is with discrimination?

My concern is that the FM boot aid is not great for using in more active situations (salsa class, running). Plus it’s not very discreet.

My only other option for active use is to get some kind of power-CIC, such as Nitro, on the cheap–and get better at lip reading.

with 36% you might be
want to consider frequency transposition

you might ought to talk to your ent-audi about candidacy for a CI…

If you plan to run and salsa class do consider a dry and store…

Most hearing aids, gets to damage with sweat…

Do you have old hearing aids you could use for salsa class and running?

By the way, phonak do sell some aids with the Fm receiver integrated inside…
this might be a better choice

Yeah, I had been looking forward to the Naidas w/ integrated FM but understand they won’t be available until sometime this spring in the United States (I had heard early February/March). Know of any news on that?

I am now on a 60-day trial with my current aids, which expires in early March.
Hurry up, Naidas!

I could wear the old aids for salsa/running…good point. I could also pick up a MyLink for $500 if I want to pair the old aids in noisy situations. Worth a try I think.

Ultimately the best solution for the next few years seems to be the Naidas, though.

I think I will be more worthy of a CI when everything goes past 100db and the Elevas can now longer pull things up. Could be a few years; right now speech discrimination is too good with these Elevas.