Phonak Eleva question

I recently got my first HA, it’s a Phonak Extra CIC and after my 2nd visit for adjustments it seems to be Okay. Since this being alot of money being spent I didn’t want to second guess this purchase and decided to ask my audio guy if I could try an open ear model and he happenned to have had a Phonak micro-Eleva to loan. Great customer service! as he wanted me to be satisfied with whatever I decided to keep to stick in my ear.

Well, this being the 1st day of use, I noticed not having that earplugged sensation and unrealistic chewing sound and my own tone of voice. Also another point with the Eleva to me is the unnoticable fast Cutoff response compared to the Extra which was noticable at 1/2 to 1 second reset. Very comfortable I must say, but I’m having a big problem, FeedBack, very loud as my wife standing a couple of feet away from me could hear it. It really gave me a headache, I really should have taken it off and took it back for adjustments.

if my audio guy could alleviate the feedback problem, the only con would be the insertion of the earpiece compared to my CIC model.

my question:

  1. is loud feedback normal for this micro Eleva or for that matter with any open ear model?

  2. even if without the feedback is external soulnd normal as to having someone standing next to me to hear this themselves?

  3. do any of you have the remote?

thanks in advance

I cannot speak directly to your question about the Phonak Eleva, but you asked whether the feedback was a problem with all open fit hearing aids. I do wear open fit and feedback is definitely not a problem. Also, I know that there are others who wear different brands of open fit for whom feedback is not a problem, but we all seem to enjoy the benefits of the open fit that you mention, being the comfort and lack of oclusion. If the Elva cannot be adjusted to stop the feedback, I would definitely think that you would want to try one of the other open fit hearing aids.

The Micro Eleva’s are the least prone to feedback, provided the audi ran the feedback canceller when programming. If not, there will almost always be feedback.

Thus, I think the audi did not run the feedback canceller sweep, so next time you see him/her, have them run it and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is my favorite open fit digital to fit, as the performance is awesome and not the most expensive either.

Also the remote is a great option and is very reasonably priced, at just a few hundered dollars. The great thing is when you make adjustments, it adjusts both at the same time, versus conventional hearing aids needing to each be adjusted.

Let us know how it goes.


I just returned from a test run of my readjusted Phonak Extra CIC at a McDonald’s Rest. and it seems the music played there really out volumed my conversation with my wife on the table. After we left I mentioned to her about the music loudness and that I was having problems hearing her and she looked at me as if the music wasn’t loud at all.

My mother has a Beltone CIC and she’s a HA veteran for a decade or so and always complained about noises not pertaining to a conversation as bothersome and loud. Now I’m beginning to understand what shes saying!

I wish I had a printout of my hearing loss but from what my audio guy told me, its a hearing loss across the board and all that was needed is volume more or less. My speech recognition was in the low 90’s, which was a plus.

I hope its not all in my mind but it seems the micro-Eleva blocks out more of the background noise compared to the Extra. On the other hand, the volume is a lil bit softer vs. the Extra. I’d guess he could raise the volume and run the canceling feedback program while hes at it.

soooooo, do HA’s have these loud background pickup of high pitched tones? It seems the high pitches are really loud with the Extra CIC or is it just a matter of adjustments? He did a sound booth test, so could the hearing test be alittle of the chart and hes making the wrong adjustments? I’m totally at a loss as to what I could expect as an acceptable hearing aid purchase. This being my first HA I really don’t know what the standards are as to what a perfect hearing fit would be. Should I expect a 90-100% hearing correction with a perfect hearing aid??? But, then again I’ve had a hearing loss problem from a young age and who am I to say what is normal hearing? I’m beginning to think I’ll be my audio guy’s worst nitemare!

thanks for your comments

edit, another problem found is when listening to music with the Xtra, it’s reminds me of the movie “Encounter of the 3rd Kind”, you know, when the space ship played those tones trying to communicate with the humans.

edit: I’m thinking you’re my audio guy!

went back to the audio guy, informed him that there was alot of feedback and it seemed like the tubes were too long as my eardrums or something close to it was sore, whenever I pushed the tube close to my ear it really got sore and it was tender.

Well, he changed to a shorter tube which took care of the sore ear problem and he ran the feedback canceller program which took care of the feedback problem. As for me, I rather like the micro-Eleva open ear a whole lot better than the Extra CIC after a day of use.

I’m sold on the open ear model, just gotta see how much more it’ll cost me over the Extra.