Phonak EasyCall, I love it!

I’ve had my Phonak EasyCall for a few months now and I love it. It’s made making and receiving calls so much easier.

I tried Phonak DuoPhone but found trying to position the phone on the hearing aid microphones quite difficult. The EasyCall allows me to not have to position the hearing aid microphones and the phone so it’s so much easier to take a call.

I’m happy. :slight_smile: It works so well for me, I’m not interested in upgrading yet.


So, how does it compare to streaming via ComPilot? Is it just the removal of that gadget, that made you happy or is there more to it?

I use a backpack so the ComPilot wasn’t working for me as Bluetooth can’t travel through my our bodies. The EasyCall is so much better because I can still use my backpack. I have no issues with hearing my iPhone ring so easily can take it out of my bag to answer.

Zebras, I wear the Marvel aids and not only does my phone ring right into my aids when buried in my purse, fanny pack or backpack, but I just touch the button on my aids to take the call. In rare cases I DO have to remove the phone and place it closer to my aids for better reception, but I’ve even answered and completed phone calls streamed to these Marvels while laying full out on the table at my acupuncturist’s - with my phone in the purse across the room.

Is EasyCall a software app on the phone?

If you have to take the phone out of the backpack anyway to use it with EasyCall, why not just use the native BT handsfree?

No, it is not a software app. EasyCall is a bluetooth device that connects a phone and to hearing aids.

It is not a matter of good or better. It is a matter of personal preference. I neither make nor answer telephone calls while I drive.

I feel more human when I talk to my phone with EasyCall than when I talk to the empty space with hand free device. It just feels good.

Sometimes I wear Compilot at school. I hear Compilot says “call from…” to my hearing aids. And then, I answer the phone using EasyCall. It is just how I do it. There is no why.

As the title of this thread says, I love EasyCall.


Ah GOT IT! I just surfed up to Phonak and see this device has been discontinued. Hope that’s not a prob for you going forward. It looks like a nice, small, sleek device that would fit anywhere.

You can see how nicely it fits in my phone case from Phonak. It’s a fab device.

I recently bought a used pair of Audeo V90’s that don’t have a built in way to connect to my telephone. I also bought a used EasyCall to get around that limitation (about $30 from eBay). I initially thought that I was not going to be able to deal with having another device attached to my phone so didn’t install the EasyCall. After a lot of difficulty with some medical calls (and doctors’ offices that wouldn’t correspond by email) I decided to give the EasyCall a try. Attaching it to the bottom of the phone wasn’t possible b/c I use a charging stand. I settled on one of the alternate locations and taped the EasyCall to my phone with packing tape so I could try it out. It actually worked very well and enabled me to make and receive some important calls. I didn’t get the double sided tape with my EasyCall so will eventually remove it and glue it permanently to my phone case.

I still have my EasyCall but I’ve changed to the EasyCall II as well.

I found some padded double sided tape and that works really well. It’s not fallen off at all.

I also use the automatic ‘phone via t coil’ program as well. (That can also stream to both HAs as well if needed.)

Just for the slow ones amongst us. This is so you can cut out the ComPilot from the chain of needed gadgets, right?
Or are there other advantages I have missed? Such as better speech understanding, for example?

I have the ComPilot as well but the EasyCall is useful if you don’t need / want too, to listen to music as well. It’ll link to your HA / HAs straight away once the phone is put up against your ear like normal.

I have the DuoPhone program as well but again the EasyCall is easier as it’s automatic unlike the DuoPhone program. (The DuoPhone program can be automatic but it cuts out so easily.)

I just did a baseball throw with my EasyCall when it disconnected from my aids for the second or third time during an important call about a healthcare bill. I guess I’ll be trying a ComPilot next.

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