Phonak does not offer upgrade from Marvel to Paradise

It’s unfortunate that Phonak does not offer upgrade pricing, at least
to recent purchasers, for their new model. My Marvel aid is less than a year old but Phonak doesn’t make it easy for me to justify the purchase of the new Paradise.

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I got my Marvels less than two months ago and then the Paradise comes out.

It’s the same with everything in life, buy a computer, its superseded a month later, same with cars.


If your provider offers a long return period, it’s possible to return and buy the new model.

My impression is that manufacturers don’t push (yet) for frequent upgrades as phone manufacturers do.
Here in HAs is expected that your aids hold for 3-6 years.

So marketing for paradise isn’t for phonak users but those who have older tech. Yes they do compare with latest and say they’re better, but as someone who had both in my ears, switching back and forth, on the same sound input, they’re pretty much the same. For the hearing part of hearing aid.

For the bt, paradises are definitely in desperate need for a firmware update, connection to the app isn’t there when you need it.

It’s not supposed to be like buying a computer, though. You’re supposed to be ‘buying’ a relationship with an audiologist and a supplier of medical equipment. That’s the rationale for the eye-watering pricing for what would otherwise be not-too-expensive electronics. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think they might want to help you out a little bit. Mini-rant over.

I agree, its not supposed to be like that, but the reality is that this is how it is.

As Blacky touched on, HA’s have an expected life cycle, this is usually dictated by things such Government subsidies, Health Insurance benefits etc.

Those who have the money, will always be able to have the latest and maybe greatest. But that also comes with an “early adopter” price tag along with its questionable value for money statement.

I could understand wanting to complain if you’d only had them for 45 days but a year is unrealistically pushing it. Everything you buy today will potentially be obsolete tomorrow, and you have no recourse. If you buy a car and tomorrow they introduce a new model that gets 2x the gas mileage and has 2x the horsepower, guess what? The dealer isn’t going to help you out. This is no different.


Don’t drink the kool-aid. Do you really think a brand new Paradise for $2500 plus is going to out perform your one or two year old Marvel? Think Not.

In most cases HA manufactures just slap a new name on a new hearing aid, with very few changes between the new aid and last years model. Speaking strictly from a “hearing standpoint”. There is no "huge significance between the Paradise and the Marvel, and certainly not $2,500 plus worth of difference. And by the time your Marvel needs replacement, four, five or what ever years down the road, several other “supposed” new hearing aids will of come and gone by the way side. You buy and hold for five, six plus years and start the game all over again.


Yup, exactly this, can confirm that from own experience.

Great. Allow hearing aids to be sold like cars then. Keep the FDA out of it, sell them for hardware costs plus reasonable markup as dictated by competition. If whatever self-programming method the manufacturer includes doesn’t work for the consumer, then they can see an audiologist and pay per visit.