Phonak cross with audeo s smart 9

I should be getting my new HE next week. The audi, im not to sure about. I have had zero hearing in my right ear for over 20 years and my left side has got to the point of needing help with highs mostly. My HE will be a Phonak Audeo S Smart ix with the Phonak cros both are BTE. Question is with the programs. What would be the best for me? Audi seems a bit unsure and some of what he says I dont know they are right. Will i be able to use all the features of the Audeo S with the cross or will it just work on one setting with it? I am sure if that is the case I could use the features when not using the cross. Anyone know or have suggestions on what would be a good starting point for me?

I’ve had my audio Smart V spice and BICROS aids for about 4 months now. I chose the V model instead of the IX model because their are a number of programs that the IX includes that won’t work with the BICROS ( Duophone and the directional Zoom programs). Choosing the V saved me $700.
Here is the way I have mine programed: Sound flow is my basic program. Program 1 is CALM, program 2 is SPEECH IN NOISE, 3 COMFORT IN NOISE, 4 MUSIC, and I have the MUTE FUNCTION as the 5th setting for those times you need to turn off the aids without removing them. I also have the BICROS aid programed 4db louder than the other aid rather than equal ( Helps me with directional sounds and in my car). The TARGET programing software allows for a great deal of options with the Spice aids, so if your initial programing isn’t to your liking, it can be changed.
One other suggestion. The BICROS standard way to attach to your ear is a clip which fits on your ear. I had mine changed to a speaker which fit in the ear like the regular HA. Not only is it more comfortable, I was always afraid the clip would allow the aid to fall off. Got that hint from another member of the Forum.

After some on-line research and discussions with my audiologist, I selected a Phonak Smart V and Bicros with myPilot very similar to the previous poster. We decided on the V model for the same reasons as given above. The audiologist suggested several programs to try at the first fitting. Some of the programs worked well for me and others not so good. After some trial and further discussions we decided to try some other programs. (The audiologist is a teaching professor at a nearby state university, so is quite open to trying other options.) You will probably need to trial some programs and change later if you are not satisfied. One program I use currently turns off the Bicros aid when the situation allows to save on batteries. The Bicros uses batteries at an almost alarming rate compared to most conventional aids. Three days life is about the average. The audiologist fitted a solid dome on the Bicros aid to do away with the retaining clip for better security. I often set the volume to different levels in the right or left with the myPilot to help with speech discrimination in group situations particularly in a noisy environment. Good luck! Vic

Hey thanks guys, some good advice. Let you know how I like them soon.

I have been using the audeo smart IX bicros for about a week now after a failed trial with the ambra itc. To say I am blown away is an understatement. My Audi has done a great job at the initial fitting and I really can’t think of anything so far for him to adjust. They just work!

We discussed the V vs IX and I was tempted to go with the V but I felt that I wanted the best available and the IX has more channels etc. I guess I will never know if I wasted some cash.

I opted for the standard soundflow and the speech in noise program. The speech in noise has been of benefit in the car and for the rest of the time I have let soundflow do it’s thing. I may try increasing the db level in the cros aid at the next fitting on a third program just to see what it’s like.

Thank you all for the informative thread.

Today I heard the low battery warning after about 3 days of use which seems to be about right. So I swapped out the battery in the cros aid but after a short while I heard the warning tone again. I swapped out the battery on the main aid and all Is ok.

I have 2 questions. Firstly is there a way to tell which aid the warning tone relates to? Secondly do the batteries last roughly the same length of time in each aid? I was under the impression that the battery in the standard aid would last longer.

A friend of mine has the Phonak bicros HA and he told me he feels lucky to get 2 1/2 days out of a battery and was blown away when I told him my batteries last 2 weeks. So your doing ok with 3 days.

Thanks Seb. Does your friend find that the batteries in both aids last about the same time?

Answers to your questions:

  1. There is an indicator tone that will alert you to when the connection between the two units has been lost which is different from the low battery indicator tone (this is when voice alerts would be nice but I digress)…I find this is a good way to tell which hearing aid battery has died. Wait to hear the disconnection tone. If the transmitter unit hasn’t moved off your ear, then most likely the battery on the transmitter has died therefore breaking the connection. It requires waiting through the low battery warnings but it might keep you from changing the wrong battery. One other alternative…if they are the same size battery (bot 312) then just change them both at the same time. It is unlikely that you would get significantly more time from one unit over the other and changing them both is often times just easier to keep track of.

  2. The batteries will last about the same length of time if they are the same size battery. If you have a standard size BTE on the better ear, typically you can expect maybe a day or so more (would have to be a size 13 battery though, not the 312 found in the transmitter unit).

Hope that helps!!!

I agree on the 3 day average for the BICROS setup. Initially, I tried to only change one battery but found I was changing the batery in the other aid within 8 hours. One thing I’ve found though, I have a backup YES aid, and I tried the depleted batteries in that aid after they stopped working in the BICROS. I can get up to another week use in the older aid using the depleted battery. It appears, the BICROS setup need more voltage to work the constant “sending” of info between the two aids, so it lasts only about 3 days.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll be changing both batteries at the same time from now on.

I managed to negotiate 2 years free batteries when I purchased. Glad I did :slight_smile:

yeah, that will come in QUITE handy with the CROS aids since they will use approximately 178 batteries/year each. For example, if you were purchasing batteries from me, in bulk, it would cost just over $200/year for them. That adds up after awhile…

More like 121 batteries per year per aid- 365 divided by 3. Years supply of new batteries from ebay would be $60. icelltech 312 batteries 120 for $30 delivered.
Small price to pay for good hearing

Ok, I have had them for three weeks. The first two weeks my audi had me walk around with just one program, sound flow. I tried to get him to add a few more but was told to try this first and come back and let him know what I thought. The cross has been great from day one. Not having the dead zone that I have lived with for twenty years is super. I found that I was hearing sounds now that I never knew were there. Things like insects and backround noise. The problem was speach wasnt much better. Other than the dead zone from my side. After the two weeks I went in and asked again for the speak in noise that one of you had said I should try and told him my complaints about speach. I could tell the audi isnt used to phonak because he told me that he didnt think I could do two programs and still keep the cross working with the HA. I had to tell him I was sure you could because of what I have heard. After some time looking at his laptop he said oh here it is and put the program in. Now I have two. I am hearing better with speak now but I have to say that I cant seem to notice much of a difference in either program. They both work about the same to me and I am wondering if anyone can tell me how big of a difference their programs are with one another. Is there a chance the audi just put the one program in twice? If you have this HA and these programs can you think of a way to test this in a situation that you would know you had the wrong one going and would change programs?

I am using soundflow and speech in noise and there seems to be a subtle difference. I particularly use the speech setting whilst in the car as it blocks out a lot of the road noise. Your Audi can set how much noise to block out. I suggest you check with them and get it sex to max.

The Target program from Phonak allows for up to 4 separate programs for the BICROS and Spice aids, plus you can have a 5th mute program to silence the aids without removal. The key to good hearing with this aid is an Audi with experience programing Phonak HA. The additional programs need to be adjusted correctly to get their full benefit. Ask the Audi to get the Phonak rep for your next appointment, or get a new Audi. Your paying for an expert and getting a novice.

I have most patients who are only using soundflow and doing fine…so more programs isn’t necessarily better, however, for more advanced users having multiple programs can be very handy. If you are looking for a speech-in-noise program that is different from the one in soundflow then you can have your audi add the program and then make alterations to it to make it more aggressive than the one that is located within soundflow. Within the new Target software it can be a bit tricky to figure out how to do it though so if your audi is not familiar with Target then I can see how that could be confusing. BUT that isn’t an excuse and it’s their job to know how to do these things so if they are unfamiliar then they need to get training on the software.

Good Luck.

I am shocked to hear that the batteries only last 3 days. I was thinking about “upgrading” to the Phonak Cros from my Unitron Cros aids which I have had since early 2008. They use size 13 batteries which last at least two weeks, with daily use.

I wanted a "smarter aid, but as a person approaching retirement I wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of batteries for these.

This list is a wonderful resource, thank you to all contributors :slight_smile:

Graham Daniell

0250 R-00 L-10
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4000 R-00 L-80
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8000 R-00 L-70

It’s a fair point about the batteries. See if you can get a deal where they are thrown in: or ask the supplier if they will do them for cost-price if you buy the aid.

However, there’s actually very little benefit in getting the IX over the V, or the Ambra over the Solana with the CROS system, simply because lots of the high end features are designed with both aids working together. With your good hearing in the better ear, I’d be fitting a III/Cassia. As you don’t need any processing on the sound anyway - your brain 's ability to refine sound isn’t impaired as your ‘good’ cochlea ought to have excellent auditory resolution.

New batteries can be had on Ebay for less than 20 cents a piece. With a 4 day life, that comes to 10 cents per day for 2 aids or $36 per year. small price to pay for good hearing