Phonak CROS B hearing aid

I have recently been to see an audiologist and had my hearing tested for the first time in 24 years, I now have a profound loss in my left ear (no hearing totally deaf) and a mlld - moderate loss in my right ear. The initial profound loss and mild loss was caused by meningitis when I was 19 days old and has obviously decreased since my last audiogram when I was 18.

The audiologist has suggested that I try the Phonak CROS B50-312. I have never worn hearing aids before and understand this is fairly new technology and am wondering if there is anyone else out there who knows about how this device affects the good ear and how they are going with it/ any comments or suggestions? I have been offered a trial of it but I am worried about the effect it has on the good ear and tiredness levels- the audiologist has said it will help. I’m concerned that it will damage my good (right) ear and also how does it go in noisy places eg resturants. outdoors, concerts I work in the public library system and am also a musician. Any comments /suggestions welcome - from people who have used it please - I’m slightly nervous but curious about this technology.
Thank you Nichola

The cross just sends the information picked up by the microphones on the unit on your worst side and sends them to your other aid on the side where you can hear. It is meant to help you hear the things coming from that direction which you are missing. The HA on your better side will be programmed to allow you to hear within the levels that ear is able to hear. Sound only gets amplified enough for you to hear it. Loud noises which you can already hear in that ear will not be amplified.

Hearing aids are programmed to your loss. With a mild to moderate loss the soft sounds will just be amplified above the threshold so you can comfortably hear them. Not everything gets amplified and not all the same amount. First hearing aids take some getting used to so don’t be surprised if there are lots of sounds you don’t think you want to hear. You will get used to them again and they will not be so overwhelming once you do. Read a lot on this forum and search the terminology to learn more. There have been threads in the past about how the cross system works and user reports of their experiences. Information will temper your expectations and increase your chances of success.

Thankyou for your reply pscoptera I will have a look for the older posts!