Phonak ComPilot

Since my audiogram is plugged in to Target to set other parameters, why wouldn’t the appropriate parameter for my high frequency loss also be used for the ComPilot (without special adjustment by my audi)?

With my iCom, prior to installing the audio programs in Target, I could hear music below 125hz. After installing Bluetooth audio and streaming audio programs in Target the iCom no longer produced sounds below 125hz. The iCom and the ComPilot are cable of playing sounds down to 20hz, but it appears that Target won’t let them. The lows in music reside below 125hz. We tried to delete the Bluetooth Audio program in Target, but apparently Target won’t let you–at least we couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I agree that music streamed from something that either does not emit sounds (such as a cell phone or MP3 player) or for which the sound is muted do not sound very good streamed through my ComPilot to my HAs. Music thru the ComPilot to my HAs is OK as a supplement when the room has music through speakers as the bass is heard thru my open air domes.

I thought the issue was not whether the ComPilot receives (or is set to receive) sounds below 125 hz but whether the in the ear “receivers” can produce bass notes. I will check this out at my next audi visit.

Why I believe it is Target that is limiting the lows below 125hz is because when I first used the iCom with the TV-Link we had not installed the audio programs for it in Target. I heard a much fuller sound including the lows. After we installed the audio programs in Target it would not produce the lows anymore. I could be wrong. Let me know what your audi says.

Try using audio+jack and mic off.
I got plenty of bass that way . Too much actualy. Audio streaming and mic gave me no bass at all. i corrected a little so i have a little bass.

Its seem to me that outside sound trough aid mic and streaming audio go trough same amplification. Its mean, than boosting bass outside would boos unwanted low freq noise. And that why phonax did not use a lot of bass.

Only a mine theory… need to check it out.

I don’t know about your loss and settings, but is seems to me that if you have a mild loss and need f.ex just a slight amplification, say 10-20dB in the very high frequencies at normal ~60dB input, and your bass perception is ok then your “regular listening program” would give you that amplification in the high frequencies and ‘no’ amplification in the lower frequencies, you would get the bass trough your open fitting.
If you hook on an iCom, the icom bluetooth program will set itself to give about that same output in the high frq. and jack up the bass to about the same level, the mid-high frequencies will get almost no output.
When one then i.ex. listens to music trough a smartphone and iCom the sound will be too soft.
To give the wanted sound one would need to get the audi to adjust the output in the bluetooth streaming program to ones liking. Probably increasing overall gain and jacking up some of the mid-high frequencies.
This is my experience at least, for this type of mild open fitting.
I’m not sure about how much bass the different HAs/receivers can produce. I have tested some Ambra microPs, and they produce nice enough bass with closed domes/mold.
I think the bottom line is that if your not happy with the sound from the iCom you should get it adjusted to the extent possible with your sound system(ha, mold etc.).

The only problem with hooking up the Bluetooth audio in Target is that Target will inhibit sounds below 125hz. This is where much of the Bass exists.

i hooked up pc with compilot using both audiojack and tv link. I have s9 s and power receivers.
I get bass lower than 125 hz. up to 75 hz its very audiable and start fading down to 50 hz. Below that is bearly audiable. Tested with freq. generator.

I didnt uped any bass in target, but i use modified powerdomes now (with little holes in it - get much more gain than with closed domes, and no vacum/occlusion).

What is your db setting for 125hz for bluetooth audio program in Target? It must be the power receivers. I have Ambra Micro P

Dont have mine from audi, but simulation show for my loss:

160 hz (minimum)

  R          L

80: 6 3
60: 10 4
40: 6 -3

Picked up my ComPilot yesterday. Before grouping it in Target I could hear the lows; after grouping it in Target the lows below 125hz were not there. We can not find a setting in Target that will bring them back.

However, the sound is better, and the microphone is definitely better.

Can’t you just use the reset button which eliminates the direct grouping and resets it to be used with any aid?

I may be wrong, but I don’t think the reset button eliminates the grouping with Target, but the bluetooth pairings with other devices. Also, without the grouping you can’t use the ComPilot as a remote control. The other issue is when grouped, Target adjusts the aid for your audiogram. For me it is a toss up whether to leave it ungrouped and have the lows or grouped and have it adjusted for my hearing loss.

Does anyone hear your own voice after some milliseconds delay while using Compilot. I do hear my own sound after a few milliseconds while talking over the phone using ComPilot. I tried it with different phones thinking it’s phone issue, but the same thing happening with all my other phones. I was using iCom previously and never had any echo issue with it.

I looked thru this forum and no one complaint about echo, so I am guessing the device that I received might be defective… does anyone has this issue?

There are a few people in this threadthat have / had the echo problem. One posting said turning off the hearing aid mic solve the issue.

Can the ComPilot select the direction of the zoom rsponse like the MyPilot can?

matbas said:

The ComPilot has the function of both the icom and MyPilot in one unit. It is slightly longer than the icom, but that does not seem to be an issues with me. The first thing I noticed is the neck cord is detachable on both ends, so if the cord is damaged, only the cord needs to be replaced.

But, does the ComPilot have the the ability to select the direction of the zoom like the MyPilot does?

I’ve been told by my audiologist that it does not.

— Updated —

I’ve been told by my audiologist that it does not.

The ComPilot doesn’t have the ZoomControl screen, but there are some workarounds. Assuming you have available program slots, your audi can create multiple ZoomControl programs, each with a different fixed direction. You can then cycle through the programs using the large button on the ComPilot. Also, the Home button on the ComPilot can be set to choose one specific program with a long press. That might work if you always focus in one direction.

New to Compilot. I like it so far (with a wired remote mic) but would like to eliminate the constant voice notification. A simple beep would do. Is that something I can do or do I have to return to the VA for that?