Phonak ComPilot

I picked up my ComPilot on 12/1, so I have two days of use as I write this.
I have been using the icom and MyPilot for about six months. In real life, I found that I usually would not carry the MyPilot, because being a guy the only way to carry it was in my pocket.

The ComPilot has the function of both the icom and MyPilot in one unit. It is slightly longer than the icom, but that does not seem to be an issues with me. The first thing I noticed is the neck cord is detachable on both ends, so if the cord is damaged, only the cord needs to be replaced.

In real life use of the ComPilot, my observations will be based upon comparing to the icom and MyPilot and also to the Oticon Streamer which I trialed for four weeks in April 2011.

The ComPilot Bluetooth stays connected to my cellphone. I often had dropouts with the other products. Family members say that the ComPilot sounds better that the other products when I talk to them using the ComPilot connected to a cell phone. Based upon sound quality for the person on the other end of the telephone, I have been told my people that I talk to, the ComPilot is sounds best, followed by the icom, with the Streamer sounding poorest of the three.

I played music from my cell phone using bluetooth and then had a phone call. The ComPilot handled it well without getting confused. I am happy with the sound quality of the ComPilot for listening to music. It is not as good as quality headphones, but we have to be realistic that the signal is going through Bluetooth, then though another connection from the ComPilot to the hearing aids.

I picked up the ComPilot early 12/1. I returned to my audi at the end of the day (she is a very patient person) to make changes to the ComPilot program. If you use the icom, you are aware that there is a beep when the icom connects for a phone call and a beep to disconnect. The ComPilot has a default feature where instead of a beep, it will talk to you telling you that you are connected. In my case, when the phone would start ringing, it would say "ComPilot Galaxy S, which is saying that the ComPilot is connecting to my Galaxy S cell phone. I did not like that, so I had the voice announcement turned off and the beeps turned on. You might like the voice announcement better, but fortunately, it is selectable in the Target software.

The only thing that is a negative, is there is a large button on the front of ComPilot that is used to switch the hearing aid program. This button is slightly recessed, but it is still too easy to push by mistake. When it happens, I just press it a few more times to cycle back to my automatic program.

The literature with the ComPilot says that it uses Bluetooth 2 and that it has two directional microphones on the side, to reduce unwanted sounds going into the ComPilot.

Overall, I am totally happy with the ComPilot. This is something that I expect to wear most of the time. If I had the buying decision to do over, I would definitely buy the ComPilot again.

Thanks for posting this… I just picked up one of these for evaluation today and have had similar experience. I have an iCom and don’t really use it because people complain about the sound quality on the other end. I also never found the bluetooth implementation to be very good… frequent drops, etc.

Out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the ComPilot? I still don’t have a price from my Audi.

I paid $400.00. That is probably list. I usually haggle a little, but when she told me the price i just went along with it.

I’m picking mine up on Tuesday. She told me it was going to be $395, so you’re probably right about it being list price.

i pick it up about three or four days but have no good experience.i paid $400

I am entertained by the vocal prompt - I know (now) what she actually says, but I heard “ComPilot - armed and ready.” My audi was confused as to why I was laughing, until I told her.

I am going to have to get them to change it to beeps though - it says a long phrase if my text or email sounds beep. I just need a quick blip.

Hopefully I can keep my voice prompt of who’s calling. Will have to check.

You can choose warnings only and keep caller id.
Beep only = no caller id .

What is battery life? Better than Icom?

Also, what volume up and down on compilot do when you talk on cell or listen to audio source?

I was able to increase the volume of the sound with the volume buttons while listening to music.

I think the battery life is better than the iCom. I hated the iCom, personally, because it wasn’t actually adjusted right for me and I couldn’t get enough sound out of it. I only have loss in one ear, and so only have a hearing aid in one ear… and I’m quite frankly used to listening to the phone with the good ear. My brain isn’t trained to comprehend sounds in the bad ear yet, so it just sounded very muffled and quiet, and if I’m in any kind of exterior sound, forget it.

One annoying thing with the ComPilot, though, is that there is no keyguard for volume and switching programs. I’m fairly physically active during the day, and was constantly switching programs yesterday. On my MyPilot, I had a keyguard available to me so I could lock the screen.

The other annoying thing is that there isn’t a screen. I like to be able to actually see what I’m doing, what program I’m in, how loud I have it set, etc.

But I will be keeping it - having the unit make sounds when my phone makes sounds is one of the major reasons I even want it - so I don’t miss calls and texts. I’m on call a lot, and have missed “the call in” by almost the allotted amount of time to get to work.

Overall I’m happy with it. It could use some tweaks, or a separate version for control freaks like me who want the display, and want a keyguard, but I do like it.

I was hoping to lower aid mics with volume down when on phone.

Will make two separate programs on aid.

One for bluetooth music (tv link, mobile) with mic on (i like to have mics when listening tv or streaming music from pc via tvlink home in quiet - to be able to hear landline, cat etc. But can not stand mics in traffic or bus. Volume up high, and no clarity because traffic noise is amplified higher than music. They should shape outside gain better.

So, there is separate audio jack program in target, so i will mute mic on that program for noisy situations like on bus and traffic.

Still find better oticon streamer solution with longer press volume up (or down) turn mic on and off. Faster and better safety when outside.

On sound out of icom - its hardly anything to do with i com itself - its only programing matter. Icom and compilot only convert input to magnetic field output to feed aids. Aids amplify sound and shape it in way they are programmed. Maybe target 2.0 and spice + have better preprogramed programs.

And keyguard - yeah. I had oticon streamer and it have keyguard and worked great. When i firstly saw compilot i though on/off is keyguard like on streamer… They should leave on off on one button, and use on off to lock it.

Just so I understand, you CAN mute the external mic on the aids while streaming? I was told by the Phonak rep. that this can’t be done? I just got the Compilot and found that I can lower the sound and increase the volume of the streaming source (ipod or phone), but there are limitations of how much I can increase the source sound.

It can be done.
Your program is called like “Bluetoth audio + mic”, or “Mobile Phone + mic”, Or “Streaming audio jack + mic”.

So tell audi to click on what program you are interesed to switch off mic under “fine tuning”, than “Program options” and there you can enablče or disable mic, a s well adjust + or - from 0 to -30 db.

When you disable mic, program name will change from eg. “Bluetooth audio + mic” to “Bluetooth audio”

Great… I will asked about this with my next adjustment. Thanks…

:slight_smile: The more I use the ComPilot, the more I like it. I spent time listening to music yesterday using the ComPilot from my cell phone and the sound quality is improved over the icom.

The large button on the front has different uses, depending upon what the ComPilot is doing at the time.

  1. In normal use, it will change the hearing aid program; I am going to turn this off, since I keep pushing the button by mistake. I have the buttons on my aids set up to change the programs, so I will just use the buttons on my aids. That large button on the ComPilot is so easy to push, that I activate it when I hug my wife, pick up my dog or just about any thing else that puts pressure on my chest.
  2. The large button is used to answer a cell phone call and to end it.
    3 The large button is also used to pause music that is being played through the ComPilot, a second press will restart the music. This is used when someone wants to hold a conversation while you are listening to music. This is very convenient.

I am happy with the ComPilot and its sound quality for both telephone calls and for listening to music. The Bluetooth in the ComPilot is solid and reliable.


Does anyone know, if the ComPilot streams music in the 125hz and less? I could never get full sounding music from the iCom because it didn’t stream music below 125K which is where most of the lows reside.

I think problem is not in sending sound to aid. Compilot audio bandwidth is from 20hz-20khz. Problem is in aid speaker and fitting.
Aid speaker is not designed and can not produce a lot of bass in <100. There is no speech in that region. Obvious it useless in most case to aid to produce high in 10+ khz because most user would not benefit from that.
In future aid fill be better in that, but, expecting them to make bas like in ear speaker it a bit unrealistic. In ear speaker have a lot larger driver.

Also, to have a bas with aid, your ear must be rigidly sealed. even than a low leak (in my case of in ear movement - a low drop of jaw) resulted in very noticeable bas leak. I had hard mold before.

Using closed dome or open fit - you can forget about good bas.

Based upon my experience, the ComPilot has both better highs and low frequencies and better stereo separation than the iCom. I do agree with the previous response, that the limiting factor is now most likely the hearing aid speakers and ear molds.

When listening to music live or from speakers, there is no need for amplification of the lows because the bass comes through the vents. It is only when using the iCom with the hearing aid speakers that no lows are produced.

A year ago when using the iCom prior to installing the audio program in Target I believe the bass did come through. I am thinking it is Target that limits sound below 125hz. I am going to have my Audie delete the streaming music program in Target and see what happens.

I just got my ComPilot. I like a lot of the features, but I haven’t tried them all yet.

Streaming music from my smartphone’s MP3 player program is Ok although as noted the bass is not good.

I like the voice announcement of the number of the phone calling me. I guess my phone (EVO 4G) is not Phone Book Access or Phone Book Access Profile capable as it does not identify known callers in my phone book by name but just says the number.

I haven’t tried TV streaming yet. I don’t have the TV Link - just a Sony HWS-BTA2W bluetooth transmitter receiver which is said to work with it.

But as noted above there is one very annoying thing - the large button is too easily accidentally pressed. I am going to put a ring of moleskin around the edge of it to see if the standoff prevents this.

Like someone suggested I may disable the feature to change the manual programs with it and just use the button on the side, but I do not see my audi again for another week.

Anyone got any other ideas?

I dont know if its program or not, but i add audio line in program, and turned off mic - and that program is full of bas compared with bluetooth audio streaming with mics.

I have closed domes.

The HA mics can be muted. They automatically mute 6 dB if your audiologist haven’t adjusted anything. The muting is a fixed setting and you can’t control it yourself for each call.
If you generally find your streaming sources too low in sound, get your audilogist to adjust the bluetooth sound/streaming sound programs. These are two programs that becomes active as soon as the HAs detects they have an iC/CP and streaming signal.
If your audiologist have not adjusted these programs Target will use your other programs/audiogram to set it. That is not always optimal. Especially if you have a mild loss, perhaps only in some of the higher frequencies. The iC/CP will then give very soft sound in the lower frequencies so you should contact your audiologist to adjust the program.