Phonak ComPilot with Remote Lapel Microphone

Has anyone used the ComPilot with the optional Remote Lapel Microphone?

Please post if you have used it.

I am just testing it out with the ComPilot coupled to my Audeo S Smart IX’s, but wish to hear our user’s feedback with this setup.

Thank you,


I have tried connect line mic. It works reasonable well


Yes, I am having a few patients try it and I am using it myself also, with good results.

A lot of patients don’t like the Icom/Com PIlot exposed and visible, so I am hoping the lapel mic will allow them to feel more comfortable with it under their clothes and still provide good audio for cell calls.

Are you going to be at AAA in Boston?

I really think this is what I badly need! All info pro and con about the Compilot including price on the lapel mic would be greatly appreciated! My job hinges tightly on phone work!!

I have used the lapel mic and so far it has worked well. It also does a reasonably good job in a noisy environment.

I’ve used it, and sound quality is much better. The Phonak one is expensive, but you can use anything which presents as a standard PC microphone, so I made up a couple for myself for less than £5 each.

Please elaborate on the alternatives to the Phonak lapel microphone.
It doesn’t appear that the internal ComPilot microphone can be adjusted/regulated/modulated, and as several other posts point out, it is hyper-sensitive. So, unless you are in a very calm, quiet environment, the feedback and distortion for the other party on the phone is unacceptable.
Any information about alternatives will be welcome. Thanks

I cannot find one to buy. Also is the Compilot mic input stereo. If so, there are many other lapel mics being sold as speech recognion mics which should mean they block outside noise.