Phonak ComPilot & TvLink S

Phonak has new BT solution and new Phonak TVLink S.

Phonak ComPilot - The smart 3-in-1 accessory

Phonak ComPilot is your perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts, spoken messages. ComPilot provides easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones to name but a few. It guarantees stable connectivity, best voice quality for phoning and keeps hands free. The built-in remote control is designed for ease of use with convenient program and volume changes. ComPilot is the first accessory to offer the benefit of spoken messages, making it easier than ever to interact with your hearing aids.

Phonak TVLink S - Ideal TV experience

Phonak TV Link S is a dedicated TV solution. Combined with the ComPilot it offers a terrific listening experience. The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality. Plus, its easy one-step set-up means that the TVLinks S and ComPilot are ready to go in less than 60 seconds!

Phonak ComPilot key features
Wireless streaming
Remote control
VoiceAlerts - The only accessory to offer spoken alerts
Perfect partner with TVLink S basestation
More than 8 hours continuous streaming time in StereoSound

Phonak TVLink S key features
Specially designed for ComPilot
Quick and easy installation
No line of sight to hearing instruments necessary
Up to 30 meters (100 ft) transmission range
Digital volume adjustment with audio-visual feedback
Embedded charging slot for ComPilot

More info here.

Of course they relased it few day after i get my Icom & tvlink… not happy phonak, not at all. Will ask for switch, i had it only 6 days…

Don’t ask for a switch, DEMAND IT!

I will try to get new one.

They should order me new one because i must send my Icom for RMA. I get red light after 3 h directly from charger (switched off under charging) and unpaired with phone. After 3:30 h Icom freeze . So i switch it off and on again and it lasted 15 more minutes… I repeated test with same results. Its 20-30% below phonak claim and its too much for such expensive item.

No good. They said they its not for sale yet and they will not have it until summer 2012.
They offer to replace my icom if battery isn’t good.

The com-Pilot looks like a good idea, but recently I’m coming around to the opinion that neck-worn devices are going to become increasingly redundant as more of the technology gets shifted inside the hearing aid.

In terms of the paradigm, it seems like the Resound Alera is a street ahead here. I appreciate the sound is possibly a fraction lower quality than the higher speed/power neck worn links, but that is likely to improve with both hardware and software improvements.

After the disaster of fitting the Resound Be, I almost didn’t give the Alera a proper chance; in fairness, it does a pretty good job.

They told me they will not order it till summer 2012. They want to sell old stocks of Icoms.
I’m thinking about money back and try my luck in Italy or other country.
I get spice’s in 8. month this year and they didn’t put them in sale because selling stock of cores. When i told them i would not accept old technology - spice or nothing they decided that they will sell it to me.

Could some audi tell me when compilot will that be avaiable in America or England?

i like freedom. I even liked streamer ability to leave neckloop at home and still be able to take it from pocket and talk in it directly close to your mouth.
With icom i dont know where to put it if i don’t want to wear it around my neck. In jeans pocket? Recipe for disaster with no detachable neckloop.

Copilot didn’t follow that trend and i must have wire with me - sure i can remove it, but its still that fragile little wire in my pocket… If it wont cost 200$ for repair (audi told me that much for neckloop replacement) it wont be big deal.

It would be superb if bt hardware was in the aid, but seeing how much that thing eat battery on streaming devices and they have big lithium battery (i-com get warm after hour of bt streaming, but ice cold when audio cable is used for 8 h). That thing eat battery, and two way communication on 10 m from little 312 battery and antena is to far fetched. A few more years, i supose.

Prices in Austria

hier die Preise:
TV Link S 129,- €
ComPilot 319,- €

Its cheaper then what i paid for icom in Croatia (480 €). It will be available in second half of this month.
Will wait for slovenia because language barrier in Austria and distance…

There is comparison.

So what we get? Ipilot functions integrated, a bit more weight and size (i am not sure about 10 mm thicknes for icom, i think its thicker - its same thicknes for both) and better battery.

Also there is detachable neckloop cable (in two size) so it will be cheaper for replace and doable in audi office (no sending to phonak anymore). Remote functions doesn’t need loop.

Don’t know if it phone, but i had on my previous nokia say caller name and it was great on oticon streamer. Streamer unlike Icom pass whatever ringtone you sellected to headsed so i heard who call me. Now its integrated in compilot, so if phone send caller id to headset, compilot will read it.

I’ll post a report tomorrow, but initial impressions are favourable.:slight_smile:

Please post detailed impressions.
I still waiting for it to become available. It will be on sale from 1.12.

OK. I’ve tried replying twice before but the review bounces. Let’s try for third time lucky.
I am very impressed by the new ComPilot. Let me give a few bullet points.
Battery - I put it on at 08:00, and use it all day connected to phone. Today I have done over an hour of phone calls, multiple email alerts, and listened to music for an hour. It’s now 19:20 and it is still going strong. The iCom wouldn’t have made it to midday with that usage.

Interference. The iCom was very suceptible to interference. Walking past a lampost, walking though barriers at train station, walking through doors on Voyager class trains were all enough to cause total breakdown of the connection between hearing aid and iCom. The ComPilot does not suffer at all. Incidentally, I have had three iComs, and all exhibited this fault, so it is not a one off device problem.

Audio quality is excellent using the MC1 microphone - people at the other end have stated how clear it is. Without the MC1, sound is less good, but still perfectly acceptable, and probably better than iCom.

Voice dial works OK, though does depend on the capability of the phone.

The one disappointment is that it is not fully compatible with my Phonak Audeo Yes IX aids. these were bought just over two years ago, with a 5 year warranty. It is disappointing that Phonak have abandoned development of products for these aids. How difficult could it have been to control these older devices as well as the new ones.

Finally, the voice notifications of callers is a nice idea, but the name pronunciation is pretty dreadful. I struggled to recognise my own name when I called myself!

Great. Shame about remote and core. Its only their politic limiting it to work with both aid. Somebody hacked watchpilot to work with spice, so its probably only software limitation.

How much did you pay for it? Did you get and new tv link s too?

Hi there,

One note and one question in reading through the postings on this. . .

  1. I notice that you said the ComPilot is less susceptible to interference than the iCom. There is a new firmware update for the iCom that addresses this issue. Mine is leaps and bounds better than it used to be, especially as I walk to work downtown where inteference used to make the iCom just about useless. Now it works with no issues.

  2. Has anyone tried to see if the iCom works with the new TVLink S? My audi didn’t think that it would. That only the ComPilot would. . .


I think maybe what your audiologist means is the special charging dock that is part of the TVLink will only work with the ComPilot - because of the different physical dimensions. Otherwise, it is just Bluetooth, so I see no reason why it would not work.

I had updated my iCom to the latest firmware, and I still had the interference problems. I did my update a few months ago by connecting the iCom to the iPFG software version 2.6b and checking for update. I checked again just before buying the ComPilot - so about three weeks ago - and there were no newer updates at that time. Are you saying that a new update has come out in the last few weeks?

The TV-link will not work with the ComPilot, because it’s just a shade too thick. I was under a trial period for the MyPilot and iCom/TV link, and since the ComPilot came in today I had to bring it all in. We checked, and the case for the ComPilot is too thick to fit. Somewhat sad but not surprised. :slight_smile:

Why sad? bring back tvlink if under trial and and get tvlink-s version.

Sadly only because it means I have to wait until the tvlink-s comes in. The cost should wind up about the same, ultimately.

Where can I check if the ComPilot fits with my daughter’s naida III DAZ?

She just had her new aids 5 days ago, and after 4 hours, the Icom battery is dead. She is 15 years old and need FM at school.

Also, when she listen to tv, the sound is jerky/intermittent. It was ok the first day, but jerky since then. I don’t know if it’s because she charged her Icom on the tvLink, but she can’t use it now, either with cell phone or Ipod. The sound remains intermittent/jerky.

I think I shall return the TvLink-Icom set (I paid 550$ for) for this new compilot. What do you think ? I live in Montreal, Quebec and want to help my daughter Marianne the best I can. Thanks in advance for helping me to help her.

Sorry for my english and thanks for any help

Suzanne :slight_smile:
P.S. what is the price of the Com pilot, with and without tvlink in Canada ?