Phonak Compilot TV Link not working!

I purchased a Phonak Compilot TV Link, so that I could finally hear the TV directly into my hearing aids, while the TV was on mute. The alternative was that the sound would have had to be too high on the TV for others to be comfortable.

While I used Bell as my cable provider the system worked great. Now that I have moved and am on Rogers, all I get is crackly sounds coming through to my hearing aids. I have tried everything to try to resolve this issue and all I can figure out is that the system doesn’t ‘like’ Rogers signals.

Has anyone else had this problem with Phonak/Rogers?

Do you have the TV link connected to the receiver (cable box), a surround sound system, or TV? Connected using the optical, Toslink cable, or by the headphone jack on the TVLink?

I had trouble with mine, using Dish Network. Most stations would not work with Toslink, but the Sirius XM music channels would work. I also connected using the RCA jacks on the receiver to the headphone jack on the TVLink (TV Link II in my case) and if it can’t use Toslink it uses the headphone jack. Now every channel works. The digital signal using Toslink on the TV Link may not recognize a compression scheme like Dolby Digital or DTS, and may require PCM. I haven’t really had time to determine that on my system. When the headphone jack worked I went on to something else.

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Its a big mess now. TV link connected directly to the TV so I get sound directly to my hearing aids. But in order for this to happen I had to disconnect the Bose sound bar from the TV, I cannot get any sound from my TV unless I hear it through my hearing aids, my DVD now doesn’t work because it needed a splitter to be able to use optical (which TV link now takes up), and my universal remote has ‘deprogrammed’. I cannot find any technical people who will help no matter how much I pay - unless I buy equipment from them. So…I have a very expensive audio visual system that doesn’t work - all so that I could connect a rudimentary Phonak TV link compilot system to help me hear better. Very depressing

Is the crackling related to channels in HD? That’s a problem I had, and I managed to resolve it by modifying the Satellite/Sky settings - HDMI Output was set to Dolby or Normal and I toggled it - can’t remember the eventual setting - am at work at the moment. You could try that if it’s anything to do with your issue.

Why would the DVD need optical? HDMI has its own audio signal. There are optical splitters to send the audio from the TV to two devices (Bose and TVLink). I bought one a few days ago to use on my TV room TV. I unplug the TV Link from the living room and plug it in, in the TV room, where there is also soundbar.