Phonak ComPilot streaming with open dome

I’m only wearing 1 x HA in my left but still have my HA for my small loss in my right ear in case I ever feel I need to use it.

I had the ComPilot settings set differently to each ear because I wear an none vented ear mould in my left and an open dome in my right.

I read that people struggle to stream with open domes but I have just done some food shopping and was listening to music the whole time, also in the car as well. I found the sound to be really good.

What I had done was, had the HA Mics turned off on my side I use the open dome. I still have them on, on my other ear. It works very well and even tho a tractor went pass, I found the noise coming through my open dome to not over power the music. My volume on my iPhone was set to half way.

Now I’m happy. Altho I’m not working at the moment due to Covid-19, I’m happy that I can have my right HA with me in case I need to use it and it’ll work when using the ComPilot for phone use when at work.

I don’t know if this would work for everyone but thought I’ll pass on what worked for me.