Phonak Compilot Streamer II - No audio


Hi , I have recently having problems with the sound being sent from the compilot II streamer and my hearing aids. Sound would suddenly cut out and would have to switch the streamer off and on to get it to work. Now I have no sound at all , even when I switch on the streamer I do not get the usual ‘compilot on/compilot off’.

The device is getting audio as the blue indicator lights up when connected to my tv basestation unit or my iPhone. I have also just noticed that the I try and do an audio check , nothing happens ( no violet light and 30 second demo). I have 2 neck loops so think that rules out. Unless someone has any ideas its looking like more expense for a another complilot stream (this is my second in 4 years).

Thanks in advance , Tony



Sure sounds like moisture.
Do you have a hearing aid dryer that your Compilot2 will in?



Hi , thanks for reply , no not got hearing aid dryer , did not know one existed



These Compilots have a history of acting like yours when then get wet from rain or sweat.
You might try putting it in a plastic bag of rice for a couple days or desiccant if you can get that.



Thanks Rick compilot now in bag with rice , will let you know :+1:

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Time to replace the loop antenna/lanyard. The scratchy sound is the warning bell. The loops last less than a year for me.