Phonak ComPilot ll interference


Irritating 7 “beep” signal comes through which cut off sound transmission during the beep signal and frequently disconnect Bluetooth signal totally. Can anyone explain this phenomenon, what causes It and how to eliminate it?



I’ve been using the ComPilot II for a few years - for television, streaming books and music from my phone, and for dancing. (We do Cued Ballroom dancing - ballroom dancing where a “cuer” tells everybody what figures to execute at the same time. Think square dancing, but waltz, tango, etc.) Since I often can’t make out the cue, and it is important to do the correct figure at the correct time, I have an FM transmitter connected to the cuer’s equipment on the stage, and a receiver in my pocket, plugged into to the ComPilot around my neck. Works great.

My partner just got her first pair of HAs, and her own ComPilot. And we discovered that you can’t have two ComPilots operating in close proximity. When we are dancing together, both streamers will continuously cut out for a second, then on for a second, then out…

Phonak support says “Yeah, they’ll do that.”

Just in case anyone else runs into a similar problem and wonders what is going on.