Phonak + compilot = Latency


I just got a compilot and it great. Much better quality than the Tek Connect ever was. Couple of problems though.

  1. Latency. I have connected it to my mac book pro and iMac and when I play back a movie. The latency sucks hard… The sounds are at least 3 seconds behind the Netflix movies that I am watching. For someone like me that can see lip sync really easily, it’s very annoying. Does using a wire through the jack cut this problem out ?

  2. Is there any way to get PS3 bluetooth to output sound to the Compilot ? It recognises the compilot and paired fine but in the sound settings, I am unable to choose where the sound is going. I know that other people again have used a wire.

  3. My audi has set it so I can hear the music and people talking generally at the same time so it’s fine at work so i can pretend but on the tube/train/noisy places I can barely hear the sounds so is there a program I can ask the audi so i can switch via sound/mic on and sound/mics off ?

Thank for your time.

  1. Delay is there because bt connection. That why i get tv link because it has low latency and i am able to play games with it). But it usable only at home or at desktop.
    Wire should cure latency problem. If latency is still there, try any headphone in that audio jack.

  2. I hate it too. I love to hear mic too at home watching movie.
    But then again, outside beside road its not good because noise filter does not filtering and its 360 mic on.
    Only solution i can think is that you use 2 programs. 1 bluetooth when you want mic on and wire when you want mic off (and then you switch mic in 3.5 audio jack wire program).

Thanks for your replies. I will certainly consider getting a wire and see how I get on :slight_smile:

Have you checked to see if some of the delay is due to Netflix? As I often experience a latency problem with Netflix streaming without using any streamer.

I recently demo’ed some Phonal aids and I also had the Compilot and I watched a Netflix movie on my laptop and the latency delay was minimal. It was hard to tell the difference when I disconnected the streamer and listened with a set of earbud speakers.

I can sure appreciate the frustration with this problem.

I forgot to mention in my last post that some newer tv’s have a feature where you can compensate for the sound latency issue.

A nice feature on the Oticon’s, is that you can mute the HA mic’s from either the streamer or the HA’s. I did not have the Phonak’s long enough to find out if you can do the same.

Cant do that in phonak’s aid. :frowning:
But, phonaks have stereo sound :slight_smile: