Phonak ComPilot II vs. ComPilot Air II

Hi, do anyone of you used both compilot 2 and Air 2? Is there any difference in call and music quality, or sound quality?

Am already using phonak Compilot air 2, was very satisfied with it. However recently it seems to have have some problem, losing connection with hearing aid sometimes during calls.So I was thinking of buying the compilot 2 version, but not sure whther the sound quality is same.Can you share your opinion…

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I’ve got both. I was given the ComPilot II and I bought the Air II.

I have found no difference between the two. They both sound just as good.

The battery on the ComPilot II lasts 24 hours so I like that a lot better. I also like that you can plug an audio cable into the ComPilot II if you want to connect to something that hasn’t got Bluetooth.

I just find the ComPilot II to be quite heavy round my neck but then I have issues with my spine after breaking it in 2015!