Phonak Compilot II troubleshooting


Hi, not sure if this is the correct category for my question but… anyway, my compilot II frequently interrupts my Think One labs stethoscope streaming and says " audio jack " and I can’t quite figure out why. It didn’t do this for the first couple of months but now it does. Any suggestions?


I have had the same issue. And it has been intermittent. Like you, I had a period where it didn’t happen and then it started happening. I believe, but I can’t be sure, that it might be something to do with a music player on the phone, especially if you have played a song and then left it on pause. So when it started to happen I would close down any music apps I had open - usually google play, as I thought this was the cause.

I don’t know if that might help. btw an orange light also appears.


You could also ask your audiologist to factory reset your ComPilot to see if that helps.


Mine also says “Audeo Jack” or “Audeo Track” if I accidentally hit the big button and it thinks I meant to switch programs.

I mentioned this to my Audi and got a look of amazement and wonder.


Mine has the orange light too, although I was thinking that this light was already on as I have my stethoscope actually plugged into the audio jack. The only thing that I stream besides that was audiobooks but I dont use the jack for that. I haven’t used this recently though but I did open it the other day but pretty sure it was after it happened the first time.


I guess that is a possibility, I will have to pay attention to that next time.


That might have to happen if it continues… nothing like checking a questionable heart rate for anesthetic monitoring and having “audio jack” throw off my count.


IIRC, mine first started doing it after I paired a tablet to listen to a video.
I hear you on the count. Definitely worth checking in with your Audi as that is something important rather than annoying.


I think me too. I do recall something in the manual about that.

On edit: I checked the manal
Orange light => Plug or Europlug streaming

A few pages later the manual indicates you can have a bit more control using the Phonak RemoteControl App. Have you tried using that with your cell phone @jennifer_mcmican ?


I contacted the manufacturer of my stethoscope and they want me to check without using the compilot. I thought the issue stopped but it has started up again. So…


Have done, need to troubleshoot a few more things.