Phonak Compilot II how to use

I’m thinking of a Compilot 11 around the neck. I need it for conversation with another person or persons. My audi said it only works face to face and if I turn my head it won’t pick up the person right in front of me.

Also he said I could wear it under my sweater or shirt.
Will it go off if I walk away from a person and will my hearing aids then kick in? Do I have to press buttons to do this? Lot’s of questions here.
Could not find info on line.

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The ComPilot is a Bluetooth and direct audio input receiver for your hearing aids. You can pair Bluetooth devices to it which are then relayed to your hearing aids by the neck loop antenna. This neck loop is actually pretty reliable and should not cut out of you turn your head.

By itself the ComPilot will not allow you to hear another person in face to face conversation, you will need a Bluetooth microphone, Phonak supplies one called “RemoteMic”.

It is not designed to be worn underneath your shirt, mainly because it has microphones that pick up your voice during a Bluetooth phone call.

A button press may be required depending on what you are doing. Most signals that are handled by the ComPilot can be started or stopped with one main button. It also has volume control.

I would encourage you to ask your Audi more questions before purchasing. If your don’t understand have them explain it to you again until you do understand.


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Gosh, thank you. My audi said I could try it on trial and I will ask him questions.

You can also plug in a sound source into the jack on the bottom of the Compilot 2. The microphone on mine is terrible so I plug in a lapel mic, put the Compilot under my shirt, and clip the lapel mic to my shirt. The Compilot 2 will connect to two phones at one time plus one other streaming device. I don’t think anything else out there can match that. My only complaint is that built in mic.

Your Aud is confused, the compilot 11 is a streamer, it’s fantastic on phone calls. Maybe your Aud was meaning the Roger Pen system that can be used to communicate with someone face to face like your Aud described.

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Thanks, have to check on this more. I already tried the Roger Pen and it didn’t work for me at all. The Audi thinks it’s because I wear a CROS in my left ear.