Phonak ComPilot and TV Link

Ive had the ComPilot for about a month now and got the TV link today but it ended up being the iCom one that was sent, so have to wait a bit longer.

With the Phone program, my audi has had to raise the volume to its max and I am going to get him to lower the HAs mics next time so I can concentrate on the phone only.

As the phone program works via the bluetooth and so does the TV link, will it always switch me to the phone program when using TV link or will it be a different program?

I will properly find the phone program to loud for the TV but I am not sure.

I would like a separate program but my audi seems clueless!!

Part of me feels like I should just leave it but then I have expensive equipment that I can not use. Audi seems like he is getting annoyed.

I have not yet being able to make a phone call via the ComPilot as the phone program is not set well enough so I can use it.