Phonak ComPilot Air connection issues

Hi friends, hope you all fine and staying staying safe with this global pandemic…

I would like to discuss one problem am facing,hope you can share some suggestions or opinion.

I use Phonak compilot air as accessories for calls,and music as bluetooth accessories with Phonak naida V50 up. I do my own programming, and very satisfied with both compilot device and hearing aid.

I have profound loss, but with the above combination I am able to do my job in sales and marketing.

I observed that in some place or location, the phonak compilot fails to connect to both ears and I have to change my location.I am not able to understand why.It happens at a certain location, which is inexplicable.It will be awkward if it happens in the middle of a meeting and I am forced to change location.

Any ideas?

That’s weird as I can use my Air when it’s in the bottom of my bag and I still hear my music.

I’ve got both the ComPilot II that I use in the house and the Air that I use outside the house.

I would factory reset the Air, just the make sure and maybe factory reset the aids and re load your settings on to your aids.

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Ah just read that you physically change your location, not change the location of where your Air is clipped to you. I’ve not experienced any problems when walking out and about. Mine always connects to my Phonak B90.

How do you factory reset the compilot?

Sounds like Bluetooth interference. I live in an appartment complex, with >20WiFi signals and at least 4 Bluetooth signals: Depending on where I am I get a good reception from the TVLink: Sometimes I can even hear it well when I am in the attic, sometimes it already cuts out when I go to the kitchen. There is a lot of interference for Bluetooth!

A friend of mine testing some Bluetooth connectivity software for the medical sector, had to seal their toilet with a mesh, creating a Cage of Faraday: Just for testing the Bluetooth features without interference.

If you really have to be sure use a gadget that can connect with a wire, such as a ComPilot or create an induction loop in the conference area.


Something I have noticed is when I would lose one ear it meant the Bluetooth signal was weak and about to lose both ears connection. I needed to move closer to the source or I would lose the connection.

Markismus has explained it well.