Phonak Compilot 2 vs Air

I would like to know the performance difference between Phonak compilot 2 vs air 2 for hearing phone calls and music.Can you tell?I have air 2, it does good performance, but sometimes in some areas it seems to break the connection.

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I had both. The ComPilot I had on an older set of aids and it was fine, although the flopping on the neck loop could be a little annoying. But it worked well. It does have to be worn around the neck.

The ComPilot Air II I have connected to my Virto v70s and I was using it until I recently started the trial on the Marvels and it also works well, but placement on a shirt is particular. As long as I had centered on my shirt it was fine and it’s light. If I was in the bed and used it for a phone call I could set it on the night stand, but I couldn’t turn away from it or I would drop the call in the aid away from the Air and the caller had a hard time hearing me.

The battery lasts longer between charges on the ComPilot, but it is also larger so it should last longer. The Air has to be charged daily.

Personally, I wouldn’t go back to the ComPilot I’d stick with the Air. I used both primary for phone calls and I didn’t stream often. Changing programs and volume with the Air is a breeze.