Phonak Charge and Care Case

Hi all! First timer here. I am awaiting my fitting for my KS10s and doing some research on the best way to care for them. I live in the deep south where the humidity is a bear! I am leaning towards getting the Phonak Charge and Care case to keep the moisture problem to a minimum. I have checked and the KS10s are compatible. Anyone have experience with this case? Thanks!

I use it, works well. Slightly larger than the regular charge case.

Just got one yesterday for my KS10s. HAs were fully charged this morning. I’m assuming it worked for cleaning. It’s REALLY quiet! The cleaning process does shut off if you open the case.

Yes. I bought mine on Amazon. The dry/sterilize feature is activated by a separate button and runs for two hours. It’s not compatible with the reserve-power unit that plugs into the Phonak or Kirkland charger.

Hey ALL!
I just learned about this nifty Phonak Charge & Care case with UV sanitizing a minute ago. I have Audeo Life aids. Anyone here using the charging case for that model?

This could be the last wrinkle for my hearing aid care. I used to wear battery-operated Marvel aids (no need for a charger there) and put them in a Widex UV sanitizer every night.

Now I’ve traded up to Phonak Audeo Life aids which DO need to be charged up every night, so my dilema was how to sanitize them?

Also, does anyone know if the Phonak Power Pack is compatible with this Charge & Care case? Incredibly, there appears no useful info at Phonak website to answer this question.

Well VOILA! This could be the answer to my prayers!

The Phonak Power Pack does not work with the Charge and Care.

^^^^^ Thank you so much for confirming that! I also wondered how it would plug into the bottom of the Charge & Care unit without slots in the right place. :slight_smile: