Phonak channels and programs

I’ve had my Phonak Audeo 5 hearing aids for about 6 months now. I love them. When I first got the HA, my audiologist programmed the button to increase or decrease the volume of sound. The last time I went in, she programmed increase, decrease and front focus. I’m wondering what other types of programming can be done? I can’t figure out from the Phonak website what options are programmable and which are inherent in the HAs. My audiologist is not the most enlightening person. I’m going in again tomorrow and want to know what additional programs I can request. I’d certainly appreciate any help you can give me.


I have Smart IX. My audiologist gave me to believe that the buttons can be programmed either to navigate the progams, i.e zoom, stereo zoom, duo-phone, etc., or to control volume. Mine were programmed to navigate programs. I don’t know if this helps, and my understanding may be incorrect.

From checking Phonak’s site, it appears that the Ambra has both a volume rocker and a program button.

When I trialled the Solana (the next model down), they were able to set a program for music listening and a program for the T-coil for telephone use. I would expect there would be similar options on the Ambra.

I also have the Smart IX. I do not yet have the buttons on the aids set for anything, because I am still in the trial period. However I do have the MyPilot remote and could not go with out it for adjusting the volume in various situations. I also would like to know what programs may be set for the system. I will be returning to the audi on the 22nd to set the programs and fine adjusting. I belive I would like to have the buttons adjust the volume just incase I do not have the remote, but would like to be able to change various programs with the remote. So if anyone has a list of all the various programs please post.


I have had an Audeo Smart V in a Bicros system for a couple of months now. Based on the information from my audiologist I believe orthodoc is correct. The HA buttons can be used to select programs or adjust volume, but not both. Wanting to do both I elected to get a myPilot remote which lets me select “Automatic” to enable the HA to select the program or lets me set one of four other programs of my choice if the “Automatic” setting isn’t to my liking. I am also able to set the volume on both sides at once or on each side independently. Although I use the “Automatic” and default volume setting most of the time the ability to adjust settings myself does help in certain environments. There are several programs available some of which don’t apply to Bicros users. Your audiologist can walk you through the various program options using the programming software as a guide. I opted for “Music” and “Speech in noise” and a couple of others that only apply to a Bicros system. The HA buttons can still be used to adjust volume without the remote. Vic

Sorry for the unnecessary information. For some reason, I thought you had the Ambra, not the Audeo Smart V.

One of the Phonak professionals on the forum could probably help you best.

All the smaller models only have one button, which means that you can set them for either right/up left down VC or as program selectors. This is up to the MicroM #312 size iirc. For the #13 model up they incorporate the VC rocker and push button too.

If any one has a complete list of what programs may be installed for the Smart IX with MyPilot & TVLink please post.

[FONT=Arial]As per below. Cheers Kev:D

Features and benefits

[/FONT] DuoPhone -The phone signal is heard automatically in both ears
ZoomControl with DirectTouch - Ability to choose the hearing focus
EchoBlock System - Reverberation cancellation
SoundRelax - Impulse noise suppression
Real Ear Sound - Natural sound orientation
WindBlock Management - Dual step wind noise reduction
NoiseBlock Processing - Premium comfort in background noise
SoundFlow Premium - Continuous and instant optimization to all environments
VoiceZoom - Multi-channel adaptive directionality
SoundRecover - Non linear frequency compression
WhistleBlock Technology - Feedback free hearing
Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV) - Minimum occlusion
QuickSync -Control both instruments with one touch

How many programs does the product have?
Audéo SMART IX has 4 automatic programs in the SoundFlow Premium (calm, speech in noise, comfort in noise, and music). There are also 2 Easy Programs (EasyBluetooth and EasyAudio) that are activated when the iCom is grouped with the Audéo SMART IX. In addition, there are 5 additional programs that can be accessed through the MyPilot Remote Control or the TacTronic switch on the hearing instrument.