Phonak Celebrates One Million Marvels Fit

Stäfa (Switzerland), October 11, 2019 – Phonak, a world-leading hearing aid provider, is proud to announce that hearing care professionals around the world have fit one million Marvel hearing aids in only ten months. This makes Phonak Marvel the fastest product to reach the one million milestone in Phonak history and puts Marvel on track to be the company’s best-selling hearing aid of all time. Today’s announcement comes less than two months after Phonak launched Marvel 2.0, including the “No-Compromise” Phonak Audéo™ M-RT, the world’s first all-in-one hearing aid combining clear, rich sound, universal Bluetooth® connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeability, binaural direct streaming, integrated telecoil and integrated RogerDirect™ technology for unparalleled hearing performance in loud noise and over distance.

Top-Rated Among Professionals

Since becoming available in 2018, Phonak Marvel hearing aids have consistently earned top praise among the professional audiology community. In fact, 95% of hearing care professionals would recommend Marvel hearing aids to their peers.1 According to several recent benchmark studies, Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids are also rated:

  • Highest in first fit acceptance among first time wearers2
  • Best in overall hearing aid sound quality3
  • Highest in overall satisfaction among all latest RIC devices4
  • Best and easiest connectivity solution4
  • Best in rechargeability4

“You don’t achieve the type of success we’ve had with Marvel by simply following the crowd,” said Martin Grieder, Group Vice President of Marketing for Sonova. “We forged our own path with Marvel, resulting in a no-compromise hearing aid that combines outstanding hearing performance with industry-leading connectivity. With one million Marvel hearing aids fit and counting, it’s clear that hearing care professionals and consumers around the globe have made Phonak Marvel the industry’s must-have hearing aid.”

Consumers Agree: Marvel is ‘Love at First Sound’

Consumer satisfaction with Marvel has also contributed to its popularity among both first-time and veteran hearing aid wearers. According to a recent study5, 9 out of 10 consumers would recommend their Marvel hearing aids to family and friends. The same study found 8 out of 10 consumers agreed with the following statements:

  • Marvel provides exceptional sound quality from the first fit
  • I understand conversations better even in noisy environments
  • I find the sound quality is exceptional even when streaming

The Most Award-Winning Hearing Aid in Phonak history

In less than one year, Phonak Marvel has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades, making it the most award-winning product in Phonak history. In January of 2019, Marvel received a 2019 CES Innovation Award for Accessibility. In April, Marvel won a Silver Edison Award for Hearing Aid Design while in June, Marvel was winner of both the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Awards and The Mobile Business Awards. More recently, Phonak Marvel earned a Gold Stevie™ Award and was named “Innovation of the Year” in the 2019 International Business Awards. Phonak Marvel also just won a Gold Medical Marketing & Media Award for Best Integrated Campaign for its “Love at First Sound” Campaign.

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Phonak already missed my Phonak Audéo™ M-RT order supply estimated date which I’m waiting for in order to be able to use hearing aids to assist with my loss of hearing. Innovation does not compensate lack of production planning.

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1 million out there already!, maybe some coming to the used market before long:grin:


Yes I find them very good but I have to take issue with the streaming statement. I find it horribly tinny, even when I force the buds as deep as they will go.

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My friend has the Marvel aids and loves the sound and says he can hear better with them than any other aids he has tried, but he also says that the classic bluetooth is over rated. He complains about battery life most of the time.

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Hi Allan!
I looked at your audiogram. I too have a ski slope loss. Is it possible that with your extreme high frequency loss that hearing those highs once again would give the perception of “tinny”? I say that because I’m a new HA user of just 10 months and when I first put them in that was also my perception. However, when I got home and sat down at my grand piano I was totally delighted that I could now clearly hear the highest notes of my piano where previously all I could hear was the low frequency thud of the key hitting the key bed. What I perceived as “tinny” was just suddenly hearing highs again after decades of slowly advancing loss.

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Hi CV!
Ask your friend if his audiologist has installed the new Marvel 2.0 firmware update. This eliminates the original connectivity issues by allowing more than one connection at a time.

Since he complains about battery life, does he have rechargeable or disposable batteries? What is his actual experience?

I agree that I am hearing an awful lot more treble than I used to. When I wake up I am amazed at how dull and flat my hearing is.
If I stick my fingers in my ears and push them right in and hold them there the streaming sound becomes full and rounded but I can’t walk around with both fingers in my ears!
I did manage to get my audi to increase the bass last time but, as she didn’t realise it wouldn’t affect the global settings, it’s s bit of an uphill struggle with her.
I am very tempted to try and sort it out myself but the software needed is difficult to obtain.

I know exactly what you are saying about the change in response when you stick your fingers in your ears!

Comparing our audiograms, your low frequency hearing is actually superior to mine!

I’m used to listening to live music and my grand piano. For me low end response sounds normal. My audiologist tells me that my Marvels are doing very little with bass. I can clearly hear the lowest octave on my piano and it is full and rich sounding. The double basses in the symphony orchestra growl richly just as they should.

Yes I am sure he has, he is another IT guy so he is always an early updater. But I will ask

I have the lst generation Phonak HA (Audeo Direct) w. BT that came out a year before Marvel. I knew lst gen of any tech gadget would be sketchy, and my BT HA are. I had used over the ear BT headsets for years since I was/am on the phone a lot.
I do have to reboot the HA a couple times/day. If I know a call (not often) is going to last a long time (5 min. +) switch phone to speaker mode before the BT kills the battery. (Battery is usually not killed permanently and can be rebooted.)

I Just received them

Hey Gale!
Keep us up-to-date on your progress with them!

My audiogram is the classic down-slop of 250Hz-1KH 15-65db, and 1-8Khz fluctuating through 50-70db. I’m a 73 years active electrical engineer.

Received the Phonak Marvel Audeo MR on 11/5/19. My nice and cooperative prescriber fitted their operation according to my audiogram. Driving my car, every small noise which I could barely notice before is piercing. Decreasing volumes manually, I’m not sure if I fully press the switches or not. Each change feels like a soft or real click. There are very quite click sounds, I am not sure if mechanical or electronic generated sounds. The driving noise sounds increase. Eventually, I figure that I press the wrong volume up switches, I’m not sure how many times. Years ago I used Starkey Soundlens IIC and while changing volume and programs (with a remote) the speaker generated “1-5” or number of beeps. Phonak doesn’t do it. I have no idea what were the default volume levels before the changes.
Office meeting with a colleague who has a very high pitched voice which I could somewhat understand before and figured the rest, now it’s like hearing a chicken.
Coming home and putting the aids in the charger. Next day volumes appear to be reset to default. Meeting 2 neighbor ladies in the hallway who generally talk quietly and I understood little, now I understand fully. Meeting another lady neighbor and she sounds like a “fisherman wife”.
Changing volumes. In the market, I understand the talk of men (which I could do before) but not ladies at all.
There is a changing buzzing when I or others talk unless I decrease volumes to a level of hearing lower than without using aids.
Meeting my prescriber on 11/7/19. Minimizing the general volume level to minimize buzzing. We decrease the amplification of high frequencies and increase the low frequencies. Talking with my prescriber who has a low pitch voice is somewhat ok. Coming to the office, I hear ladies fine but do not ear men at all.
Changing buzz during my and others talk is still a pain in the…
Using new hearing aids is a challenge.

I really had to smile with some of your descriptions. Especially your colleague who now sounds like a chicken! :blush:

My M90-R was the very first HA I’ve ever had. You can click on my Avatar(picture) and see my audiogram. From your description I think yours is similar to mine.

I had exactly the same experience when I left the audiologist and got in my car to drive home! Who knew my turn signals made noises like that? We have all hardwood floors and I had no idea how loudly they squeaked with every footstep. I learned very quickly how the volume control worked both on my Marvels and using the Phonak app on my Android phone.

I’m 10 months in now and I’ve come to love mine. But it sure wasn’t that way at first.

I’ve been wearing HAs for almost 20 years, the Marvels are my 4th set, the difference between these and my others is almost a great as the difference between my first set and none at all. I once again hear things I haven’t heard for a long time.


so does that mean I’m “one in a million”? :grinning:

This should not be the case.

Phonak hearing aids have separate programs for streaming and phone calls, changing the frequency response of these streaming programs to be less tinny should not affect the other general hearing programs

Your clinician should be able to easily manage your issues with a Phonak device. Having so much control over each aspect of the hearing aid performance is one of the best things about a Phonak device.

Except that Phonak has a “let them eat cake” attitude and provides no guidance whatsoever on how to manage streaming frequency equalization with their different receivers, domes, and molds. Not to mention their moronic anti-anatomical receiver wires.

So there’s no gosh-darn “easy” about it.