Phonak cassius vs oticom ino pro...HELP!

I have conductive hearing loss however my inner ear hearing is perfect but I have perforated eardrums. Moderate loss bilaterally especially with low tones. I have an audiologist that I am very confident in but am now faced with a choice between the Oticon INO-BTE and Phonak Cassius-BTE. This is all new to me so it is very confusing! I have to go BTE because if the infections should flair up and come back I don’t want to ruin the device by having it get wet! I will be using an ear “plug” molded to my ear so that I can recieve the lower tones and still be able to aerate my ears. She has told me that the basic hearing aids will do all and more than I require because my loss is not inner ear nerve related. Can anyone out there give me the pros and cons of each device based on personal experience? I cannot find any reliable comparisons on the internet! Thank you so very much for your help with this :slight_smile:

Hi there…I am in my first week of a 60 day trial with PHONAK Cassias microP (they have volume control) and it just takes a lot of getting used to…I have a reverse slope loss and that is in the low tones…I do have an earmold (I think that is what you mean by “plug” which does trap in the lower sounds and is what I was always told I needed for my loss)…I am also confident in my audiologist which is a great thing!! I really like the volume control feature and the BTE (in black) is comfortable and easy to handle…I do have an issue with my earmold and he has just made another mold so we can try something else…I too wonder if their is a different aid that might “sound” better but since this is a new experience I don’t know what to compare to…this forum is great but it comes down to each individual, their loss, and what sounds good to them… the cost of my cassias were 3400 which is mid-range…If you are just getting started in your search for an aid, you can try one (my audi gave me a 60 day trial after I asked him to extend it from 45)…stick to keeping it in all day and get used to the difference in sound and go to different settings…grocery store, restaurant etc…you will be visiting your audi to tell her what is bothering you and she can program the aid while you wear them to see if things are better…now that’s where I am at in my quest…if things don’t get more comfortable with my molds, I may ask about trialing a different aid…from the forum, they say it is usual to try a few…so that’s my input about the Cassias…for me the volume control is an important feature…btw, it has 6 channels which helps to fine tune things…i think that’s all i need but not sure…so good luck and let me know how things go! Rosie

I just got off the phone with my audi and she was saying that omnicon has more bells and whistles than the cassius but the warranty isn’t for as long as the phonak also if I want to have phone capabilities I would have to go with the larger cassius and not the micro. She also told me that with the omnicon it can be programmed for days when my hearing is more diminished so that it automatically adjusts to my needs as well as having the volume control. The cassius can do the same but I would have to decide whether I preferred the volume over the programming as it will only do one or the other! The cost for either one is 3038.00 with another 180.00 for the “plugs”. Did you need to go with the larger tubing, I am being told that the larger tubing conducts the lower sound waves much better than the thin ones. She is also tinting my plugs pale pink to blend in with my ear color and the tubing flecked flesh tone! So much to think about…my brain hurts!:confused:

When I tried Phonak aids earlier this year, the Cassia MicroP did not have a T-coil, but the Solana MicroP (next higher model) had one. They were both physically the same size.

Information on the Cassia:

Information on the Solana:

Thanks, is there an appreciable cost difference?