Phonak Brio HA at Costco


I am thinking about getting the Phonak Brio HA at Costco.
I know you have to change the wax guard every month on these and was wondering
if Costco will do this for free or do you have to pay for it.

Costco provides supplies at no charge. They’ve even mailed them to me when I was running short and wouldn’t visit the store for a while.

Costco gave me a bunch of wax guards and domes to take home.

I was there on 10-Dec and they replaced my receiver/wire with smaller ones; gave me the old ones just in case I wanted to switch back.

I have seen people stop by for a quick question and they end up cleaning the HA for them; replace wax guard and dome, as needed.

Appears you only need to buy the batteries.

That is fantastic. The audiologist at the ENT charges $10 to replace the wax guard on the Phonak that I was trialing.

Maybe it’s different from store to store, but my Costco audi said they’d be happy to change domes and wax guards for me if I wanted to stop by for that. I chose to have a how to lesson instead. The supplies are free for the life of the aid.

It takes about 20 seconds at most to swap a wax guard yourself. At least that’s all it takes on my Phonak Ventures.

I asked for a supply of domes and wax guards, and change them myself when needed. If I’m in Costco when they need to be changed, I’ll drop them off while I shop, and pick them up before leaving the store. There’s never a charge, and Costco puts in fresh batteries too.

You actually paid $10 for a 30 second job? Worse yet they actually charged $10 to change them.

you should post your audiogram to see if these are in fact the best aids for your lost.

No I didn’t pay $10. This is what she told me at the fitting for the Phonak. She charged me $200 for a hearing exam and $200 for the fitting which only took about 20 minutes.
She only had the Phonak brand and let me trial a Phonak V50. She wanted $4,000 for one hearing aid. She said that I would have to pay for any adjustments, cleanings, supplies.
She said that I would have to have them sanitized once a month with their special sanitizer machine for $50. There would also be a restocking fee of $500 if I decided not to keep them before the trial ended. I didn’t know anything about hearing aids when I found out I had some hearling loss and I am so glad that during the trial period that I did research online and found out that there were cheaper alternatives to hearing aids like Costco. My audiogram at Costco was exactly the same as the ENT audiologist and was free. I don’t know but I felt like this audiologist at the ENT ripped me off.
Thank goodness I was able to return these before my trial ended.

Is the Trax 42 the same price as the Phonak Brio?

post your audiogram! you may not be able to use these aids if you have a lot of loss in the higher frequencies.

Don’t forget…Even if your Costco membership expires after you buy the Brio, you can still enter Costco without a membership for free supplies and scheduled lifetime HA adjustments.

The Costco Pharmacies and Hearing Aid Centers are legally open to anyone in the USA…All you need to do is inform the card-checker at the entrance that you are going to either of them and you can just waltz right in!

Not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, doubledown, but in Canada a pair of the Trax 42 is about $800 CAD higher than the KS6. At least that was the spread in August '15.

biggeek - how do you like the Phonak Brio?

How much of a high frequency loss would prevent one from being able to use the Trax 42?

Depending on the receiver being used, it will cover everything from mild to profound. As the frequency goes higher the amount of amplification is more limited in all aids. Every current RIC aid should be able to do the same thing.

doubledown-do you have to have your HAs sanitized every month?

I use alcohol wipes – a big box of them goes for around $3.

You can buy a dryer that has a UV lamp and that goes for about $100.

I just noticed the above. MY GOD!!! What a screwing.

knarfintexas, I agree with KenP. That Phonak seller is a real pickpocket. I’m glad you didn’t buy there.