Phonak Brio & Easy Call

Well here it is dropped calls. Book is vague on proper usage but it seems to not make any difference how I engage the devise I still get dropped calls. What I mean by dropped call is better defined as intermittent reception. While talking with some one and all electronics are shaking hands by beeping at each other the conversation will continue perhaps 20 minutes, then some beeping is heard and Blue Tooth stops working. It may restart but it takes a while to do so. The little blue light is blinking but the system has lost contact, the other party is now hardly audible. Next any new pushing of the little blue light button is likely to disconnect the call completely. I have an appointment for Tuesday but any help from anyone here is appreciated. Thanks.

How old is your easycall.? It has a rechargeable battery so the manual says to charge it fully and run it down fully the first three times you use it to help with battery life. Also old rechargeable batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge after a large number of recharges. I have the easycall II and am only on my second charge and have not had any problems so far. The first time my battery ran out the connection did start to fail due to low battery. I have mine taped with double sided tape to the back of my iPhone but I’m waiting on a custom Phonak easycall case.

My easy call is only 3 weeks old, unfortunately there is no way to deliberately discharge the battery. And they have no way to test it. However extended discussion with the girls at Costco and a phone call to some unknown source I was advised to charge the battery every night. So far that seems to be working but I have not had to much use for the phone this week.

Mine is about 5 weeks old and first charge lasted about 3-4 weeks. So long that I lost track of exactly how long! I am completely running it down before charging for the first three charges but I think I might just keep doing that because it is lasting so long. I don’t leave it on all the time because I prefer my phone to connect automatically with the car Bluetooth for hands free legal reasons in the car. I do make calls on it and always use the easycall when a call comes in. I keep it on at work also. So far I am surprised at how well it is working out. I did not have high expectations for it after being used to the Linx / Linx2 direct connection with my phone.

Sounds like a low battery in the hearing aids. Beeping while on a call means something. The hearing aids will continue to work in regular hearing aid mode but will not have enough juice for a bluetooth connection.

Hi, I recently got a new phonak HA from Costco to replace a Resound ziga lite (which was only one step away from a tin can and a piece of string). Apparently Phonak is now giving away their Easy Call BT device free as I was given one gratis. Took it home followed the instructions and nothing. The device charged fully. The device pairs with the mobile, The mobile connects to the network, however not a peep in the HA’s. The handbook says that I should now contact the audi that configured the HA’s. Has anyone else had any similar problems?

Have you checked to see if the phone is connecting to it? After you pair the hearing aids to the device and the device to the cell phone (usually a one-time thing) the phone would need to connect every time they are both turned on and in range. Sometimes (well, usually) this happens automatically but there may be something prohibiting that, like other Bluetooth devices in the area. On your phone you can look at paired Bluetooth devices. See if that one is connected. If not, click on it or touch the icon for the hearing aids and see if it will connect.