Phonak Brio CIC

I’m new to CIC; I had Oticon OTE prior to these Phonak Brio.
I love the quality of sound and the options. I worked in the audio industry for 35 years before getting my first HA, and they sucked. The Brio is tuneable to very close to natural.
Battery life is great, sound quality great, ease of use great, discretion is great.

They use the Smart Guard inserts. At Costco, I was told I’d be replacing these inserts once a month at most, to once every two months at least.
I’m going through them about one every 10 days, sometimes more often.

I do not brush them. I was wiping the HA with alcohol wipes every night, but then wondered if that was drying out the smart guard/wax filter.

No dice, they last the same length of time with/without wiping.
So, wondered if the HA were too loud. Turned them nearly off (made it hard to hear, but lived with it for a few days). Same result.

My ears don’t sweat, I keep ears very clean/wiped with alcohol every two days, and cleaned with q-tip each night.

Wax guard membrane breaks, audio turns to crap/buzzing, and need a new one. At 3.00 a pop for a new filter, it’s costing me 25.00 a month just to keep em’ going.
Anyone else having Smart Guard issues?

Costco won’t help; I’ve tried reaching someone at Phonak and can’t get an email response. Very bothered at the lack of information on these. Tempted to return them to Costco due to the extremely high maintenance.

Phonak can re-make the Brio for you so that it uses an HF3 wax filter instead of the SmartGuard. HF3 has the traditional mesh screen rather than a membrane.

I’m going to assume these go back to Costco for this re-make/refit?

Thank you much for your rapid response. I’ve searched everywhere for information on the SmartGuard, and found virtually nothing. While they seem like a great concept, in reality (for me) they’re an expensive pain.