Phonak Brio and Android app

I tried to use Phonak’s Android RemoteControl App with my Brio and it wouldn’t work. I’m assuming it’s because the App wants a ComPilot II and my ComPilot doesn’t say it’s a version II. Can someone confirm that?



Yes, you’re correct. The RemoteControl App requires either the ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II, both of which are incompatible with the Brio.

Thanks for confirming!!

I have the compilot ii and the android remote still wouldn’t work. I’m really upset with this setup. To watch tv with the compilot I get this horrid echo. The company says to go into my tv menu and adjust the sound under the gaming menu. There is no gaming menu! They don’t know what else to tell me!?? So I can only hear The tv if I mute the tv. So nobody ELSE can watch tv! This stinks :persevere:
And the remote says it can’t connect, the compilot is missing data. WHAT?!