Phonak Brio 1

Hey everyone new to the forum and looking for my first pair of HA’s. I’m going with Costco and looking at the Phonak Brio R which I wore around the store and really liked them but I’m also contemplating going with the Phonak Brio 1 which is he in canal model. Everything is new to me and reading the forums there is a lot I need to learn so I’m wondering if anyone wears the Brio 1’s that can tell me what they’re like and if they’d get them again or traded them before the 90 days were up for another Phonak aid or a different brand? I travel pretty much for work and live on my laptop and iPhone pretty much all day. I use a wireless headset now so I need to take the whole bluetooth option into consideration. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the Brio I models do have wireless capability and can be used with the ComPilot to connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth, but you have to wear the ComPilot around your neck. If this bothers you, consider the Kirkland Signature 5.0 RIC hearing aids or one of the wireless ReSound Saxo ITE hearing aids. These can be used with the Phone Clip+ which doesn’t require a neckloop.


What about the new Phonak ComPilot 2 or ComPilot Air; will these devices be options for the Brio models?

No, these only work with the new Venture hearing aids from Phonak. Brio products are based on the Quest platform.

Thanks for the info everyone the bluetooth isn’t that huge of a problem and wouldn’t mind wearing the compilot around my neck I’ve read where people put them under their shirts. Is there anyone that has had CIC’s and if so do you like them? One of the cons is they say it feels like your head is plugged up which I understand but when you talk can you hear yourself like BTE styles? I’d really like to get away from having something on the back of my ear although I couldn’t feel them it’s things like glasses, hats, etc… that will get in the way. Thanks…

If you have little or no hearing loss in the low frequencies, an open-fit hearing aid (RIC or BTE) would be a better choice than a CIC. It won’t plug up your ear canal and make you feel occluded. If you experience an echo effect with your own voice, that can be corrected by reducing the gain. The Brio R-10 and R-312 have very small cases and shouldn’t get in the way of glasses. Incidentally, the CIC doesn’t have wireless, so it can’t be used with the ComPilot.

the comPilot has 2 LED blinking lights that never stop blinking, and they are so bright, they will light up your chin in the night. They are especially annoying in a movie theater. The old iCom had a little slider to hide the LED’s but not the newer ComPilot. The LED willl show under your shirt, people always asking me, "whats that blinking light over your heart? " I reply, "Oh, bad Phonak engineering design by people who don’t use the products they create. " Additionally, the bluetooth connection will constantly remind you you are connected, unconnected, connected, unconnected with some ridiculous beep or voices. A truly annoying device, but there is no other alternative when using a phonak hearing aid.