Phonak Bolero V SP vs Naida Q SP


Recently I have lost my Naida Spice SP and therefore want to buy new hearing aids urgently. I am inclined toward Phonak Bolero V50 (SP) but my audiologist is insisting that it does not have the desire power I need and that I should go with the Naida SP Q50. I checked Phonak website for both hearing aids and I am not seeing much difference between the two in term of power. Am i missing something here as to me both have almost the same fitting.

My Audiogram
Left Right
250 20 20
500 30 30
1000 90 90
2000 100 100
4000 n/a n/a
8000 n/a n/a

you should try 2 different brands anyway so might as well do so now.

Wouldn’t Bolero V SP and Naida V Sp be same as these both belong to the same venture platform?

have you tried other brands?

I have contacted my audiologist and he doesn’t have Widex hearing aids. The other hearing aids I have tried is Oticon Chilli but did not like it. The sound was either too loud or too quite.

I cannot go with the Audeo V as the fitting does not cover my audiogram. The reason I wanted to go with the Bolero V is because it covers my audiogram and is base on the latest Venture platform unless the currently available Naida which is based on Quest platform.

You have mentioned that the Naida V SP would have more gain and flexibility in term of fitting but other than than these two would be same right?

do you have back up aids?