Phonak bolero v p vs sp

I am being fitted for a new pair of Phonak Bolero BTE with the new V chip. My last set was “P” power, but the volume was never quite enough so I’m going with the “SP” superpower. My hearing is probably a little worse than in my posted audiogram, but still not in the severe-profound range. Has anyone with a hearing loss like mine had problems in going to the higher power rating? Thanks. --Steve

Hi Steve,

I wear Phonak Solana CIC hearing aids with the SP chip, my audiogram is similar to yours, and I went from an ITC P (Perseo), and BTE P (Savia) to the SP chip without any problems. Although I would say that this is not the same comparison, as I needed the SP chip for the CIC.

However, I did once trial a Claro 311 BTE, which ended up being too powerful. The temptation for previously wearers of analogue hearing aids (like me) is to go for too much power, and you find that everything is over-amplified and things just become impossible in noise situations.

That said, I would recommend that you just need to make sure your default setting is as per the target setting, or audiologist recommendation, and only use the extra volume in reserve.

Good luck.

250 500 1k 2k 4k 6k 8k

40 40 65 70 80 80 90 (Left Ear )
50 50 70 70 75 75 100 (Right Ear)


Thank you so much for your advice. My high frequency loss is similar to yours. I think I have a little more preserved in the lows and I use an open fitting. My last BTEs with the P chip always had to be cranked up a lot beyond the target. I’ll follow your suggestion and keep the new SP at target level, which will hopefully be right.


Actually, you do have some profound loss but it is outside the voice recognition range. Profound start at 90 and severe-profound at 70. Your WRS and SRT aren’t likely to reflect the greater loss. Music though might seem a bit flat.

The open fitting allows all the amplification below 1 kHz to leak out, so you’ll never be able to get the sound “loud” enough even with a high-power instrument. An earmold with a smaller vent is the answer. The Bolero V-M is sufficient to fit your loss; there’s no need for the V-P or V-SP unless you want an on-board volume control switch.

are you using a thin tube with domes?

Doubledown, I have thin tubes and traditional acrylic skeleton molds with large vents.

please fix your audiogram. why is 4k below 3k?