Phonak bolero q90 p hearing aids who wears these

i’m looking at the phonak bolero q90 p hearing aids now and curious of anyone here used these and how they are working for them. them bp.

They are good aids but a couple of generations behind, tech-wise.

thanks a bunch. i figure anything you get on ebay is a couple of years behind in tech but also a couple of hundred dollars behind in price also.

i’m a bit leary of getting the new stuff and then finding it is full of bugs. kind of like getting a new car and then dealing with all the new car issues… so i stick with older cars so i have time to see how they are holding up. and because the moxies i got never did seem to work i’m gun shy about getting the new tech until i find some that work better than what i have now. if the phonaks work better than my moxies then in a year or so i can save for the new tech items. thanks alot for that help

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That is what my dad says - he is fine being behind the curve with tech… plus, it’s cheaper :wink:

The downside to getting older aids is the company is not going to repair them as far into the future as they do with newer aids, but if you can get a good deal online and have them programmed appropriately, I can see why you’d do that, too!

Just make sure you get them fit by someone who is familiar with programming Phonak aids.

I wear Phonak Brio P-UP which are the same as Phonak Naida Q90 UP. I love my Q90s, they work better then newer HAs.

The Q90 was the top of the line for that generation. I fit hundreds of them and the patients loved them. They are a couple of generations behind but are still great instruments.

thanks for all this good information. i have the fitting software for phonak and unitron and they both seemed to like the icube for the little bit older technology. for the difference in the price aids a few years old are a good deal. and for repairs some of the revies i have read is the mfg’s just don’t seem to get them repair anyway very well so if you get a pair that fails more than likely that pair will never be any good. if i get a pair online and they fail same thing but i’m out hundreds and not thousands of dollars.

like pvc suggests i will get a mini hi-pro when one shows up at a fair price or unless i wind up with a newer pair and they require the hi-pro. otherwise i will stay with the icube and search for a icube 2 and stick with aids that can use that programmer. thanks