Phonak Bolero Q70 SP Frustrated

I have had this Phonak Bolero Q70 Sp for over a year now…Been to my audiologist who is over 30 miles away from where I live several times to get it adjusted. She has tried separating the lines…(I am assuming high pitch and low pitch) I can hear the tv and sounds on my iPad and iPhone through the Compilot find but cannot carry on a conversation on the phone. I have had a Beltone Analog for years before switching to the digital. My insurance will pay for a new aid every 3 years but I don’t want to wait 2 more years before I can try out a new aid. There has got to be a way to get this adjusted so that I can hear like I did with my Beltone analog. Audiologist is just as frustrated as I am that I keep coming back to get it adjusted but it just isn’t working right. Should I find another audiologist or what?? Please help…:frowning:

Either try going to someone else or ask your audi to get the Phonak rep involved and maybe you can get them dialed in. Good luck!

I guess I am just lucky or have a good audi, but I have had my Bolero Q90 P for 4 months now and couldn’t be happier. I have only had to have them tweaked once and that was to turn them up a tad. My audi originally set them at 90% and after 3 months I was turning them up every morning. She reset them for the same level as I had been turning them up to. After a month at this level I don’t change the volume at all.

Here we go again… The reason why you are not hearing like you did with your beltone, is because your phonak hearing aids are set up all wrong for you. You are used to hearing with an analog hearing aid. The phonak’s are programmed WDRC which is far from linear amplification, and then you have an advanced product which does auto program switching. All of this combined is creating problems for you.

Tell your practitioner to do the following;
Change the amplification to Linear. Make the lines come as close to each other as possible.
Disable the automatic programs (at least temporarily). You do this by adding a manual programs. The base program should be the quiet program which should be using the Omni-directional microphone. Then in the startup section in the programming, switch starting with soundflow, to your manual program.
Then fine tune the manual programs to suit your needs.

Your practitioner could also program the gain settings similarly to your beltone using a hearing aid test box (if they had one).

Good luck. Let me know if you have questions.

Can you post your audiogram values so we can get more information about your hearing loss? Maybe the Bolero SP isn’t the right model for you. Are you using domes or earmolds? Any venting? Slim tube or regular tube? Since you mentioned “separating the lines,” I assume your audi has already tried changing the compression to a more linear approach. This doesn’t have anything to do with pitch, it involves the amount of amplification you get for soft sounds vs. loud sounds. Regarding phone usage, are you having problems with the ComPilot and a Bluetooth-enabled phone or problems with a regular landline set and t-coil?

The problem I have with the Compilot is that if I use it to talk with the other person says I am echoing…So it’s no use to me there. The only good use I get out of COmpilot is the TV link and the bluetooth on the iPad and computer. I can watch videos and hear music fine…Just can’t carry on much of a conversation because it sounds distorted…I can’t figure out for the life of me why the tv and music is clear as a bell but normal conversations in a normal setting is distorted and I hear myself echoing as well. I am going back to the audiologist tomorrow to try the above steps to see if I can get this corrected. I really do want to enjoy the new aid and I think I have tried to train my brain to hear the new hearing long enough and it just isn’t working out so far…Hopefully tomorrow it will be resolved…I also have the in the ear ear mold and have had this type for years.

For the specific problem with Compilot that people you talk to say you don’t sound clear. I am assuming that is when you use it with your phone. I had the same problem, but I solved it by buying the MC1 microphone made for the Compilot and using that when on the phone. I have had no complaints since that. I think the built in microphone is not of a high quality, it picks up to much noise.

Just my two cents worth but I went from Phonak versata to the Q70 Bolero. I have returned to my long time audiologist three times, one with rep in the room. My complaints are poor speech recognition and simply never knowing where sound is coming from. They also seem to be very erratic as to direction and volume. I had cases where my wife was directly to my side, said something, and I never heard a sound. It’s difficult to pinpoint since loudness seems fine, even loud at times but speech recognition is not good unless I am directly looking at the person. I’m not a rookie at new aids since I have had several dating bacteria to early Widex digitals. Just frustrated