Phonak Bolero Q Hearing Aids

I just had a look at the new Phonaks and as far as I have always known, the more powerful the hearing aid, the less frequency range there is.

The Naida SP is 64,000htz and the Naida UP is 4,900htz.

But with these new Phonak, the Bolero P is 5,500htz and the Bolero SP is 6,500htz.

I wonder why they chose to have a lower frequency range for the ‘power’ aid?

I would love the new Phonak Ultra Power hearing aid to have a 6,500htz frequency range.

I’m no expert, but I can think of one reason that could explain the shorter range and it comes down to the size of the tiny speaker and the amount of vibrations it is able to produce at certain power points.

A friend of mine has a masters in acoustics, I’ll be sure to ask him if he would happen to know.

Big receiver datasheet:

Smaller receiver:

Notice where the response curve drops off on the bigger one?