Phonak Bolero P vs. SP

For the last couple of years I have been wearing Starkey RICs and doing well. I decided to go back to standard thin tube BTEs because I like the sound better. I was fitted with Phonak Bolero Q-P, which should have more than enough volume, but do not have quite enough volume without distortion. The audio has already tweaked them a few times. He suggested trying Bolero Q-SP, which I know is more than my hearing loss requires, at least on paper. Is there a downside to HAs which are overpowered, at least in theory? The small increase in size is unimportant. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks. --Steve

What kind of distortion are we talking about? If you pump enough sound into ears with hearing loss (sensorineural type), it will sound distorted (like a bad speaker).

You could try it and see how it goes. I’ve heard the downside to using a super power when you don’t need it, especially with good low end hearing, is that you might hear the hearing aids themselves (a hum sound), since the super power aids might have a higher sound floor.