Phonak Bolero B - sp

Hil! I need to get new hearing aids. I have moderate to severe hearing loss. Most of my problems are with crowd noise. I don’t want to have to use rechargeable batteries. The Phonak Bolero B - sp sounds good. Any thoughts on it and on other aids that might help, especially with crowds? I’m 77 years old and don’t want to have to deal with a lot of devices. I currently have a Siemens that is three years old.

There are lots of possibilities. Is there any reason you want the Boleros (BTE) instead of the Audeo B (RIC)? Although the Audeo B is available in a rechargeable model, it’s also available with traditional batteries. Which model Siemens do you have? Why do you want to replace them?

My Siemens is a Pure 101 and over 3 years old. My insurance pays a significant amount toward the purchase of a new hearing aid every 3 years. I also have a lot of trouble hearing when there is background noise and hope that there have been improvements in the last three years that will help. I didn’t realize the Audeo B is available with traditional batteries.

I recently moved and the audiologist whom I saw for the first time today suggested an Oticon, but this was before he performed a hearing test, so I don’t know why this was his recommendation. From what I have been reading, I think I would prefer a Phonak. I will be meeting with him again next Tuesday and decide then what I should get.

The Oticon Opns and the Phonak Audeo Bs are both very popular. Both of them can help you understand speech in noise although they do it in different ways. I think either one would be an improvement over your current hearing aids.

Thank you, MDB. I will probably get one of these two aids. but I have a followup question. What should I get or do to improve TV hearing with them?

For best TV hearing with hearing aids, you’ll want to be able to stream the TV signal to the hearing aids. With the Oticon Opn and the Phonak Audeo B-Direct you can do this by adding a TV streamer. With “plain” Audeo Bs, you need to have an intermediary device around your neck or nearby.

There are other ways to improve TV hearing, but the above is probably the easiest. For now, I’ve ended up with just using TV ears and they work just fine for me and if they break, it’s pretty inexpensive to replace them. (I think I’m on my second pair in over 10 years.

The big change for noise is directionality, @griffpat. It builds an envelope around the aids that it changes and draws in areas in determines as noise. It can be confused by certain complex situations. All aids have this with the OPN using a different paradigm that includes noise with the intent to allow the brain to comfortably determine noise. It word for many and doesn’t for a few.

Any other current aid work in a more traditional manner determining noise. Noise does remain a problem for all in some situations but is much improved in all. The main thing you will want to look for is the aid that sounds most natural to you. All can have further adjustments to get you closer to natural but the easy pick is the one that seems most right. All brands have people that found their aid best for them. It is quite subjective.

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