Phonak Bluetooth Range

I just bought a new pair of P90’s and a Pixel 4 XL. I like them both except for the Bluetooth range. Does anyone know of any apps or settings or hardware that will extend the range or strength of the Bluetooth signal? I tried the usual things like unpairing and clearing the Bluetooth cache and repairing. When I get around 40 feet away with a wall between, I loose the signal. I know about the inherent limitation of Bluetooth over distance. One thing I wondered is if I got a second smartphone would that be a way of mirroring the signal in the other room. I searched for Bluetooth “range extenders” but didn’t find anything that seemed like it would work. Please advise, thanks.

Think it’s the limitation of Bluetooth. If you can go 40 feet before it breaks up, that’s pretty good.


40ft means to me that you probably don’t live in the city. :slight_smile:
I get reasonable reception at home, but it gets choppy as soon as I go outside. In front of apartments it’s impossible: All those routers interfering with the BT.

I am thinking of creating a wearable just to amp the signal from the pockets to my ears. Shouldn’t be too hard. ESP8266 should do the trick together with a lipo battery. Problem is that I rather have less gadgets, not more.

EDIT: Wifi has been done. But the whole of internet seems puzzled about BT range extending…
EDIT2: Maybe we could add an WiFi antenna to a BT dongle. However, the range of the PC-2-Phonak should be shorter. So that when I get up, I will automatically disconnect within a few meters. What I want is a better connection to my mobile. I remember my old LG2 had connectors for external antenna on the PCB, maybe I should open up my Hisense and see what’s inside. Or buy an USB-C BT dongle for the mobile.

All of my Bluetooth device’s specifications list the range as 30 ft. That is about what I get in my home.

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Yes. 40 feet with an obstruction in the way sounds pretty good to me

I get about 4 feet with my KS9s.

More of a limitation of a bluetooth radio small enough to fit into a hearing aid I think. My full size headset can maintain a connection over 30 metres or more (with not too many walls in between).

You sure? something’s not right if that’s all your getting.

What I hate about the BT connection between my KS9s and my 2020 MacBook Air M1 is the failure to reconnect automatically. We live in a small 1500 foot home, yet anytime I move from the living room to any other room a few feet away and then back again, I have to go through the whole process of removing my right hearing aid and opening and shutting the battery door and then running the find and reconnect bluetooth steps on my laptop in order to resume listening. I don’t care about the short range per se because I pause whatever I am listening to until I return, but I do detest the need to go through this whole reconnect rigamarole in order to pick up where I left off. It’s ridiculous!

Sometimes I might get ten feet, but when I’m on the phone, it goes out of range for sure. I have to keep my phone right with me. (Iphone 7 plus). In fact, sometimes even being a few feet away is too much, as the conversation stops and starts again in my hearing aids. Frustrating.

I am constantly switching between my iphone and my ipad with bluetooth. The open the ks9s right battery door thing and manually reconnect is a several times daily occurrence with me. I hear the ks10s might be better but I’ve heard conflicting stories about that.

I just tested my KS9’s and bluetooth through a very inexpensive Techkey bluetooth 5.0 dongle with a HP laptop running Windows 7 and I can walk to far side of my home approximately 45ft and stays connected all the time. I walked outside to get mail and bluetooth disconnected approximately 50ft out but was playing again before I was back in the door.
I believe I would check the broadcasting end of things.
As far as phonecalls streamed I can be 40+ feet away and bluetooth still works great, this morning as I was shopping I was walking across a parking lot probably 40ft away from my vehicle and phone starts ringing through my aids, I checked my pockets and realized my phone was back in my truck.