Phonak bluetooth lanyard?

My audiologist was very upbeat about Phonak BTE hearing aids, but mentioned that to use their bluetooth feature you need to wear some kind of lanyard around your neck. Can anyone explain that to me? What’s the lanyard for? Is it heavy? Do all hearing aids with bluetooth have this?

I’m a newbie, so I appreciate any help.


Aids dont have bt in them, they use magnetic field (some sort of t-coil) to receive sound. So you need phonaks device (icom)to connect to bt mobile and etc, and to transmit sound to aids. M. Field is low so its usualy neccesary to have that device around your neck because thetre is antena in that strap… Also, i com have mic because aids dont transmit sound back…

Hi Jeff,

The device your audiologist is talking about is called iCom. I just got mine today - haven’t even tried it out yet! You can read more about it on Phonak’s site here:

The Verite I just purchased with a Bluetooth adapter ($2,950 at Costco) with a lanyard for wearing around the neck, was about the size of maybe an MP3 player or perhaps a small TV remote. Not at all heavy, but frankly I MUST have Bluetooth due to my work, so I have no choice.

That said - it’s annoying to have to carry this thing around for connectivity with my cell phone -(not to mention the extra $325) but that’s the state of the technology as of now.