Phonak Bassboost - speech intelligibility


Hope you can help!

I currently have Certena Art ITE fitted. At the moment I am experiencing a fair bit of “tinny” hollow speech - so I am looking to get a bit more Intelligible speech.

At home, I have been looking at the iPFG software and there seems to be two Bassboost areas -

Option 1: Initial Fit>BassBoost option - is currently set to OFF, would setting this to 3dB help in getting better speech comprehension?
Option 2: End Fitting>H.I. Options>Bassboost - “Enable Extended Bassboost” Range is unticked - would ticking this help in getting better speech comprehension?

I would be grateful if somebody can tell me the difference between these two bassboost settings so I can help my audiologist on this to get better speech comprehension.

Thanks in advance for reading…:slight_smile:

You could use the initial fit bassboost to increase low frequencies, or go and manually add more bass. The extended bass boost is for added low frequency gain.

By adding more lows into the mix, all sounds should sound more natural.

thanks for the reply it makes perfect sense. I will see how it goes with the audio.

I’m no expert but Bassboost also gives the feeling of added loudness I believe.

Would anyone know if with my loss, whether I would have extended bass boost activated?

What is the actual difference? What would happen to my hearing if it was lowered?


In my limited understanding - extended boost literally adds roughly 3db bass across ALL programs (i think). And alternatively you can increase this by using the manual control process for a specific program instead.

Audios - feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this point.

But speaking for myself, I asked the audio and the bass was increased manually (without bassboost) on a specific program I had which helped to increase speech intelligibility marginally.

hope this helps. and I too am interested in the response to naidaup’s question.

3db is not much at all :slight_smile:

3dB, although not much, will result in a perceptual doubling of intensity on the part of the wearer.

Would I get benefit from bassboost ? My audiogram is

Not too sure myself. Have you got HAs that have bass boost as you could get it turned on and try it out.

It’s also to help people with severe to prpfound loss feel they have added loudness.
Some people find it adds to much noise to background noise.

I’ve never had mine turned off and have been using mine with bass boost for over a year. I personally like it.

I have been wearing my phonak Superfront aids today to see what sound different is like. I wore these aids for 16 years but now I can’t get enough volume and I can’t hear cars.

Lets just say, I realise how much the bass boost is helping me now :slight_smile:

I realised my bassboost was on low the other day. It’s now been put to high and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in understanding speech.

I’ve read that some people hate it! :slight_smile: