Phonak audi's Do you use "iPFG Media Player"?

Some background for my question can be found in this thread:

I was just wondering if the Media Player works well to simulate real life environments?
Is a good surround sound system required or will a good quality set of stereo PC speakers suffice? (the PC speakers is all I saw at my Audi’s office)
Does the Media Player proove to be a useful tool?
Do you use it?
How do you use it? innitial visit? follow up visit?

My fit seems pretty good but some situations don’t sound just right, but I don’t know how to describe/communicate what’s not right. The Phonaks tutorial movies indicated that it had tools to assist with this. Do you use these and how?

When in “Soundflow” can the HA announce the mode? So I can note for instance “When I’m in “Speech in Noise” riding in my service van at moderate speed the wind and squeaking is too loud. I need a “Manual Speech in Noise” adjusted for riding in my service van.” Then once the final fit is done turn the announcement back off?

Thanks for your help!

I have a feeling that there are too many “old guard” audiologists out there that are resisting the new technology, as it forces them to “re-educate” themselves. That in turn takes away from servicing their clients (old and new) and “offtime” (family, leisure, etc.) It is Phonak’s fault, as their software needs to be more “user friendly” to lead the audis in the right direction, as they usually do not have the time to understand the specifics of the iPFG software. My audi, for example, seems to call Phonak support quite a bit for help to find out where a specific control is on the iPFG.

Hopefully there may be some audis that can debunk my theory and hopefully give a better direction for other audis to follow… :smiley: